Samsung’s new patent reveals a tablet-sized device with rollable OLED display

Smartphone designs have come a long way ever since their introduction, but there wasn’t a major overhaul which could drastically change the way we use these devices or the way they look. Smartphones are still rectangular blocks but thinner, with smaller bezels, more curvy corners, and made up of premium materials.

South Korean tech giant Samsung might change the situation by introducing Galaxy X – a smartphone featuring foldable display, which is strongly rumored to arrive before the end of 2018. While rumors regarding the upcoming Galaxy X is still pouring in, Samsung acquired patent for a device with “rollable” OLED display.

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Samsung is working on a rollable display

Published on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) database, first reported by Letsgodigital, the patent claim reveals a device featuring rollable OLED display, which retracts into a metallic housing, where it is held intact with the help of magnets. The cylindrical or square shaped metallic housing might host the necessary components including circuit boards and battery.
Samsung rollable OLED display
A fingerprint scanner is also located on the side of the main body for added security. Placing user’s registered finger on the scanner will unlock the device and roll the display out of the housing. This means, carrying a tablet-sized device won’t be a hassle anymore.

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That being said, companies acquiring patents do not necessarily lead to immediate rollout. In this case, Samsung might eventually develop the technology and bring out the device, but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon. There is also a chance for them to completely drop the project if met with an unsolvable dilemma during the development process. So, you should keep your expectations low.

At the moment, we cannot predict the practical usage scenario for a device like this, but it definitely points towards the ongoing innovation in the mobile industry.

The patent was filed back in June 2017. Follow the links for the original patent claim and drawings.

Samsung has actually showcased a prototype of rollable display in SID 2016. Watch the video linked below to see it in action.

The concept of “Foldable” (or rather) “Flexible” displays is not at all new and Samsung is not the only manufacturer experimenting with them. In fact, the history of flexible displays extends well back over a decade. A number of major electronics manufacturers like LG, Lenovo, Philips, Sony, and Sharp are also working on the same technology and have showcased their own versions in various tech events.

But this cool concept remained (still remains) in the prototype phase and is yet to make it’s way to an actual product. With CES 2018 right around the corner, we are really hoping to see improvements in the flexible display technology with more companies entering the arena.

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