Samsung’s foldable smartphone will focus on mobile gaming

Samsung is burning candles at both ends to launch its first ever foldable smartphone next year. However, these sketches below will make you believe that the foldable smartphone which is speculated to be called as Galaxy X phone. It shows that the phone is meaning to focus on mobile gaming. 

Foldable phone sketch

These sketches particularly will make a gamer enthusiastic while the company is focussing on making it happen. 

foldable smartphone

The sketch above shows two screens adjacent to one another and are connected at the top and the bottom. You can see a visible seam and the edge design of Samsung is put to use in this foldable phone as well. 

As per sources both the displays can be folded when the device is not in use for optical protection. You can open the device completely as shown above on the left side making one screen go behind the other. The displays will have sensors and will switch off immediately the screen which is on the downward side. This will help the device in saving battery consumption. 

As you can see there is a camera at the top in between the speaker and the light sensor. This setup will be present on both the displays along with speakers at the top and bottom. This is done to enhance the sounds of gaming. 

As per sources. the tech giant is considering the S Pen which will be present in this device. We have reasons to believe that the second screen will be a multi-touch screen in which gamers can use both the index fingers. 

We are eager to see what this handset will look like after it is completely made, aren’t you excited? Let us know what you feel about the foldable smartphone in the comments section below. 


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