Samsung’s foldable smartphone could look stunning, if it is designed like this patent

Samsung could be introducing the most innovative smartphone next year at CES. The phone that we are talking about is – Galaxy X, which is the alleged foldable smartphone Samsung is working on since quite a long. So far we know that it would cost close to whopping $2000 (approximately Rs 1,36,000).

Today, we have learned a new information about the upcoming smartphone – how it will work. The question that no one is asking – How the Samsung’s foldable smartphone technology will work? Thanks to the folks at LetsGoDigital, we now know the answer to it.

This latest bit of information comes straight from the patents that Samsung has allegedly filed for just twelve days ago on July 5, 2018. Interestingly, this patent is believed to be built upon two previous ones date back to 2015 and 2016.

How could the Galaxy X foldable operation work?

Samsung envisions its ambitious smartphone in the diagrams, where it seems to be treating two portions of the phone as separate display panels. The bottom portion could make up to 60% of the phone and when it is folded slightly, the bottom portion will get deactivated. It will leave the upper half operable.

This state is achieved via a built-in sensor, and interestingly it detects whenever the smartphone is bent, the angle and speed, as well as the duration of the state, is noted. It is somewhat understandable that when a user is not touching the rear portion, it could automatically unbend to the original state.

Furthermore, functionality wise, the patent reveals that top portion of the display would be used primarily to display relevant information whenever it isn’t in use. If and when the user wants to interact with the phone, a small amount of pressure should activate the touch functions. And if the pressure is maintained, then the bottom half portion should be activated.

Do make a note that this is just a patent, the actual functionality may very distinctly, there’s no guarantee the Galaxy X smartphone at CES 2019 would function as mentioned above. But it sure gives us hints at its functionality.


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