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Remember about a few years back, we had a concept video of phones with foldable displays floating all over the Internet. This was around the time when the Samsung Note Edge was released. The Samsung Note Edge had a one-sided curved display. The hype on a flexible display panel was an absolute marvel. This 2011 concept has been in works for quite a while. We have sources saying that the Galaxy X will be the first Samsung Note phone with a bendable display and it is believed to be showcased as early as 2018. As a millennial, this seemed like a fantasy to me, a couple of years back, but here we are already in the future.

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Samsung has been working on the bendable displays since the last six years. The early prototype was shown off back in 2011. There has been numerous patents and leaks which have indicated their progress over the years. Then, Samsung released a concept video showing the future of foldable smartphones. Although Samsung then faced production issues to create a truly foldable phone, this early. The closest they got to bendable displays is a phone with a curved screen that we know of and the first phone was the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Samsung Galaxy X

The concept of a foldable display went a bit mute during mid-2015. Then at SID 2016, Samsung showcased for the first time, its rollover display. It was a rolled pin housing a 4K display that rolls in and out as we pull it. The display although didn’t have a touchscreen layer to it, so it couldn’t be a smartphone panel yet. But this was way ahead of its time.

Some of the reports were expecting a foldable phone to be out by 2017 but that didn’t hold surface. This initiative of the bendable display from Samsung was named Samsung Galaxy X.  Samsung filed for another patent which was crucial as the phone design might lead to damage of internal components while folding. So the patent is about making an elastically stretchable material that can form a bridge between two sections of the phone and keep the internals from getting damaged. Essentially the phone would be having two parts much like a flip phone, just that the display would be continuous. This does seem too far-fetched but we still have a very good chance of seeing the first foldable phone from Samsung by 2018-2019. These show the closest resemblance of how the phone might look like. 

Another leak suggests that the Galaxy S9’s popularity might get diminished by the recent leaks of the Galaxy X. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is due to launch in Feb as every year and Samsung Galaxy X might be the next Note phone.

Koh Don-Jing, Samsung’s president for Mobile confirmed on Bloomberg that Samsung’s bendable display on a phone is a reality and will be launched soon, pinpointing to 2018. Also, the device has passed through Bluetooth certification and Radio certification which are steps taken for the device before prepping for the launch 

Samsung might get back to the tradition of having the Note phone reserved for pro users with much better specs and higher usability, where it differs by a wide margin from the regular S phones. If the next Note phone is the Galaxy X, then it would be beyond doubt a huge leap in innovation and versatility, crowning itself as the most spectacular handset in the world. 

Let me know if you are excited to see the same.

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