Samsung pulverizes Intel to become the world’s biggest chipmaker

Samsung is the leading chipmaker

Samsung has dethroned Intel to become the biggest chipmaker in the world. The annual revenue of Intel in 2017 was $62.8 billion while Samsung’s semiconductor division made $69.1 billion. However, we cannot directly compare the two companies. Intel excels in making x86 processors while Samsung produces memory and flash storage. 

It is important to note that Intel is still the leading maker of x86 processors but the monetary terms of Samsung’s division hold more metal. 

Leaving the monetary aspect, Samsung is still doing a much more crucial job than Intel. The latter is still working on the orthodox CPUs while the former makes memory chips, the future of technology. It is hard to find a tablet or smartphone without Samsung’s RAM on it. The company holds more than a third of the solid state drive storage market. 

In its quarterly report, it envisions an increasing “demand for high-density memory products for cloud servers and for chipsets required for automotive electronics and AI.” 

Samsung Exynos 5 series 7872 SoC

The Galaxy S9 duo has been spotted online once again.

We can safely say that the South Korean giant is capitalizing the future hardware and services. The brand is present on every device, one way or another. Along with the chipmaking, it is a leader in the production of TVs, home appliances, and smartphone displays.

The company is the leading smartphone vendor globally. The boost to its earnings in the last quarter was “driven by the components business, with the largest contribution coming from the Memory business that manufactures DRAM and NAND.”

Xiaomi has dethroned Samsung to become the leading smartphone vendor in India.

Memory prices have increased exponentially since 2016 and this has helped the company immensely. We can expect it to be the biggest manufacturer of, well everything in the near future. What do you have to say about this? 

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