Samsung Wireless Powerbank review: this awesome wireless charger is also a reliable powerbank

This is the first time we are doing a powerbank review on our website. And, there is a good reason for it too. The powerbank we are reviewing is pretty unique for what it offers. The 10,000mAh Samsung Wireless Powerbank can not only charge your phone in wired mode but it also includes a wireless coil that can charge any Qi-certified device wirelessly. How cool is that?

You know what, I actually expected fusion tech like this to be expensive. Why? Because a typical 10,000mAh powerbank will set you back by Rs 1,000 and a wireless charger costs anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 9,000 depending on the brand. And that’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the sticker price of Rs 3690 for this product. Now, is it worth the price? Let’s find out.

Samsung Wireless Powerbank: design 

As far as the design is concerned, the Samsung Wireless Powerbank is your regular slab of metal but with an insert on top that has a rubberised texture. There’s a circular cutout on top of the rubberised pad which clearly indicates where you need to place your Qi-enabled device. Interestingly, this rubberised pad adds to the grip of the powerbank. This is especially useful for folks who like holding the phone and the powerbank together. The powerbank is available in two colours: grey and light pink. I like the grey-coloured one because it looks sombre. 

If you look at the underside of the powerbank, you will find the USB Type-C port and the Type-A port. The Type-C port is only a power in to charge the powerbank. Which by the way, charges from 0 to 100 in 4 hours using a QC 4.0 charger. That’s not too bad. There are 4 LED indicators to show the charged status of the powerbank, and a power button to switch it on and off. 

Samsung Wireless Powerbank: lab tests

To test the Powerbank, I tried it on a wide variety of Qi-enabled devices like the: Galaxy S10e, iPhone XR, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Buds. All of these charged perfectly fine in the wireless mode. Now, for testing purposes I used the S10e in wired and wireless modes. To test the voltage and ampere of the powerbank, and eventually, the Wattage by the formula W=VxA, I used the app Ampere and a digital USB multimeter as well. Take a look at the table below for our final findings.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Time to charge 40%

Ampere reading (approximations)

Multimeter reading


Wireless charging

1 hr 12 mins

4.015V, 1.4A, 5.6W


Wired charging

43 mins

4.078V, 2.25A, 9W

8.98V, 1.61A, 14.5W

You can clearly see that the wired mode is obviously faster while charging the S10e. If you extrapolate the 40% charge data to 100%, it will take around 3 hours (and maybe some more) to charge the S10e’s small 3100mAh battery from 0 to 100. That might be slow compared to wired fast charging standards, but it is fairly fast for wireless charging that tops out at around 10W. 

Now, let’s look at our lab test numbers. Using a software-based solution like Ampere we noticed that the powerbank had an output of 5.6W. Now, this might not be accurate as we don’t have a physical hardware to justify the claims of the software. And that becomes more apparent when you take a look at the reading in wired mode. There is a massive discrepancy between the two readings. Evidently, Multimeter records close to the 15W claim of Samsung compared to Ampere’s reading which is way off. 

I have a strong feeling that the wireless charging speeds are definitely higher than what Ampere is showing. Anyway, this is still pretty indicative and you can see that the Samsung Wireless Powerbank is a pretty versatile powerbank for what it offers.

Should you buy the Samsung Wireless Powerbank?

If you have a Qi-enabled wireless charging phone such as the iPhone XS Max or any Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphone, this powerbank is almost a no-brainer. Moreover, for its asking price of around Rs 3,690, you can’t get anything better that is branded. Yes, there are quite a few cheaper options on AliExpress but warranty could be an issue. I’d highly recommend buying the Samsung Wireless powerbank. 

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