Samsung might launch a bendable smartphone with a 7-inch display

Samsung Foldable phone

Foldable displays have been the stuff of a geek’s dream since the dawn of mobile handsets. Everyone wanted a flexible, paper-thin device whose display would fold like it’s made out of cloth. We have heard numerous rumors before, like Videocon fluid one, Galaxy Skin, and more recently, something about a Galaxy X.

Read all about the Galaxy X rumour here.

Looks like our fantasies are about to come true (sort of). Samsung is reportedly going to launch a massive smartphone with an inwards folding 7.3-inch display. It’s going to happen by the end of 2018, most likely in December.


This ‘fantasy phone’ of ours is going to be ultra-premium according to trusted sources. So, I guess we should be prepared for a pretty chunky price tag of $1000+. It will undoubtedly be a crazy powerful flagship device.

Samsung might even tease this display technology at CES which is going on as you are reading this. It won’t be the full phone itself, but the display and the progress which they have achieved to this date.


Tech nerds among you will remember that Lenovo had launched a similar prototype long ago, which was a phone that opens up into a bigger display. Though the implementation was pretty sick, Samsung, being the king of AMOLED, will undoubtedly get the most attention and anticipation. 

Samsung has finally announced the J2 Pro in Vietnam.

Though Samsung said they’ll start mass production by November 2018 and have the phone shipping by early 2019, I wouldn’t take their word for it. Not that they aren’t capable of doing it, they could most likely pull this off. But this is not a slight improvement to the display tech we already have. It’s a giant leap from where we are at today. So, I really don’t want them to rush things and cause another mishap like they did with the Note 7’s battery. Wouldn’t you agree?

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