Samsung Galaxy X (Foldable smartphone) to be launched in 2018

Samsung Foldable smartphone

Have you heard about the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone? It is categorically what it sounds like. It is a foldable phone which can fold inwards or outwards and showcases like a tablet when stretched out.

It is one the most anticipated smartphone and we have news that the South Korean company will launch this device in 2018. The world is waiting for the very first foldable smartphone to be launched. It is not only Samsung which is running this race of manufacturing a masterpiece. Companies like LG, Apple, and Lenovo are also working on making a foldable smartphone. Though if Samsung is on schedule and it launches the Galaxy X in 2018 then it shall be the first company to launch a foldable phone ever. 

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone

Speculations even suggest that the Korean company is in the mood to launch two foldable smartphones in 2018. This device could be available in selective markets only and it has already received its certifications from Wi-Fi Alliance, NRRA, and Bluetooth SIG. Insiders also disclose that the display for this device will be a foldable screen with a 1.0 R curvature. If you are wondering what does this line mean? Well, the meaning is that the users will be able to fold the device like a paper. The panel may not be made up of glass instead it would be made up of plastic materials. Though these are all speculations we will be sure once and for all when the device is launched in 2018. 


Samsung is burning candles at both ends because it wants to prevent Apple and LG from making a deal to launch the first ever foldable phone. Apple has recently filed a patent for manufacturing a foldable iPhone which rumours suggest that the Cupertino company will launch in 2020. LG comes on the scene because Apple wants the foldable display panels from the company. Rumours suggest that the expected resolution could be 3840 x 2160 pixels. It could even feature a dual-camera setup and run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.   

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