Five reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 over the Apple Watch Series 6

Galaxy Watch 3

It has been an eternity since Samsung and Apple have been slogging it for the top spot as the leading smartphone manufacturer globally. And guess what, the war doesn’t end at phones! Both the tech giants compete in the smartwatch segment as well, and boy oh boy, two of the very best smartwatches that money can buy today are — Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. 

Now, I have been using the Galaxy Watch 3 as my main smartwatch for about a month. And honestly speaking from an Apple Watch user’s perspective, I haven’t been very confident about the prospect of using some other smartwatch other than the Apple Watch until I came across the Galaxy Watch 3. So, I am sure people buying Apple’s latest and greatest have their reasons, but if you’re the one who wants to break the monotony and consider buying an alternative over the Apple Watch Series 6, look no further than the Galaxy Watch 3.

In this article, I am going to give you five reasons that make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 a better purchase over the Apple Watch Series 6.

1. It works with an iPhone!

I love my Apple Watch undoubtedly, but I can’t deny the fact that without an iPhone, it becomes obsolete. However, on the Samsung side of things, not only does the Galaxy Watch 3 works perfectly with an Android smartphone, but it also works equally well with an iPhone. And I am telling you this from experience. It’s been days using the Galaxy Watch 3 with my iPhone 11 Pro, and I am happy to report that from pairing the smartwatch to all the way using it, I have come across no issues at all whatsoever. Of course, the Galaxy Watch 3 works like a dream with a Galaxy smartphone, but just in case if you want to use it with an iPhone, all you need is the Galaxy Watch app, which is similar to the Galaxy Wearable app for Android phones, and the smartwatch once paired, works flawlessly. Seeing this, I wish the Apple Watch would’ve also supported cross-platform usage, but that seems like a farfetched dream. 

Galaxy Watch 3 (1)

2. The intuitive rotating bezel

In a world of touchscreens, Samsung’s take on smartwatches with the rotating bezel tech has been the best implementation that one can have on their smartwatch. And yes, after taking in to account Apple Watch’s digital crown (which is absolutely awesome), I think the rotating bezel just feels more natural, fast and intuitive while you’re interacting with your smartwatch. Off the topic, I feel that the circular bezel is not just for getting the work done, but at times, I have also found myself rotating the circular bezel for no rhyme or reason because the click is just so satisfying that you won’t feel like stopping.

Galaxy Watch 3 (2)

3. Premium finish at a not so premium price

I have the Apple Watch Series 6 in aluminium finish since that was the one I was able to afford at the time of purchase. Of course, I wanted to go for the stainless steel 44mm 4G version which cost about Rs. 74,000 but I felt its price was unreasonable. Not to mention, even my aluminium Apple Watch costs about Rs. 53,000, which is still a lot. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 3 that I am currently using is 4G enabled, comes with a stainless steel finish as standard, i.e. whether you buy the base variant or the top-end variant, you get stainless steel finish nonetheless. To sum up, my Galaxy Watch 3 in stainless steel, 41mm size with 4G enabled costs about Rs. 35,000, which is still not a small amount but it is still relatively affordable. You want to buy the Apple Watch Series 6 in stainless steel, 40mm and 4G enabled? Well, be ready to shell out double the amount i.e. about Rs. 70,000 or about Rs. 74,000 for the 44mm version. Not cool!

Galaxy Watch 3 (3)

4. Small battery, Big power

My 41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a 247mAh battery under the hood in comparison to my 44mm Apple Watch Series 6’s 304mAh battery. Going by the numbers, the Apple Watch features a 20% bigger battery than the Galaxy Watch 3, so does that translate into 20% more battery life? Sadly it doesn’t. After having used both the smartwatches, I can vouch for the Galaxy Watch 3 that in terms of battery life, you won’t be disappointed. For perspective, according to my usage patterns, I was able to use the Galaxy Watch 3 for about 2 days before plugging it into the charger. However, with my Apple Watch Series 6, not only do I have to charge the device once every morning before using it but sometimes, by the end of the day when I am about to sleep, I need to give it a quick battery top-up so that it can carry on through the night and track my sleep. In short, battery management is for sure better on the Galaxy Watch 3.

Galaxy Watch 3 (4)

5. It looks like a watch!

Yes, the Galaxy Watch 3 having a circular design looks more like a traditional watch, unlike the Apple Watch Series 6 which comes with a squared-off design. And as I have mentioned above, the stainless steel finish only adds up as the icing on the cake. So if you are the kind of person who not only loves technology but is also into fashion; I feel that overall in terms of style and functionality, the Galaxy Watch 3 > the Apple Watch Series 6. You can wear it with casuals or formal attire, the round and classic design of the Galaxy Watch 3 is just undoubtedly versatile.

Galaxy Watch 3 Apple Watch Series 6

And while this is not a review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which I am sure many tech publications have already covered all around the world. I really wish I had the chance to test this amazing smartwatch when it initially launched. Looking forward to the Galaxy Watch 4!

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