Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review – 2020’s best android tablet under Rs 20,000

Good tablets are expensive and cheap tablets are bad. For the longest time, I have been looking for a Good tablet that comes at a relatively affordable price tag. And Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 seems to be the answer for my demands. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to buy a tablet with exceptionally powerful processors like iPads A series chipsets. I’m telling you that you don’t need to think of tablets as a replacement to your Laptops, or extension of your smartphones. But rather an entertainment device. 

Some brands are making tablets into full-fledged machines, while some are working towards making them a perfect companion to your self-isolating days. And Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 focuses on the latter. 

I have been using the Tab A7 for almost a month now. I was only able to spend time using it on weekends, which is when I binge-watch TV shows or have movie marathons. For those who don’t know me, I’m an avid viewer of regional content. If you guys have any recommendations, please do share in the comments below. 

So yeah, let’s dive into this review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. 

Build & Design 

A tablet should be thin and relatively lightweight so that you can hold it for long periods without getting tired. The Tab A7 exceeds those metrics. It’s surprisingly thin at 7.0mm, with a metal chassis which feels stiffer and nicer than the plastic-clad Android tablets in the market. It weighs at 476g. For comparison, the iPad 10.2 (2020) model is 7.5mm thick and weighs 490g. 

Speaking about the bezels, there are enough bezel around the screen so I can comfortably handle it without worrying about any culpable touches. Also, it’s light enough so I can even hold it on one hand for reading. Notably, it has a 3.5mm audio jack for when you want to finish off the second season of Mirzapur without hinting anyone that you haven’t finished it yet. 

Internals & Software 

Samsung is known to differentiate its user base in India by offering Exynos processors and not the Snapdragon chipsets from the house of Qualcomm. This disfavour is going on from as long as Exynos processors were first introduced on smartphones. The US model comes with Snapdragon 662 SoC, while its Indian counterpart is powered by mere Exynos processor, for which the model is not advertised by the brand. We know that it comes with Exynos 9611, which is the most used chipset in Samsung mid-range smartphones this year. The company have launched at least 6 smartphones with the same processor. 

Speaking further about the internals, it packs a 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, out of which only 19.5GB is available for usage, remaining is occupied by the operating system and pre-installed apps. But fret not, Samsung offers a microSD card slot with support for up to 1TB storage expansion. Although, it would have been nice to see at least 64GB storage, which these days have become standard on smartphones. So, why not on tablets too? 

As for the software experience, it runs on Android 10 OS based One UI 2.5 out of the box with only September security patch as of today. Samsung needs to keep its tablets updated with at least monthly security patches. Talking about the user experience, Tab A7 managed to offer a buttery smooth experience. It’s snappy and doesn’t lag when you need it working. The One UI has improved a lot since it was first introduced by the company after the brand let go of its TouchWiz UI across its devices. 

It doesn’t come with as much as bloatware as you’d think. There has not been a single instance of unwanted ad pop-up since I started using the tablet. I’m actually glad for an ad-free experience. Thanks, Samsung. 


Now let’s talk about the connectivity on this tablet before finally moving to the pros and cons. Samsung offers two variants, Wi-Fi only and an LTE + Wi-Fi model. The price difference is Rs 4,000. I don’t know if it’s worth investing the extra amount just for getting an ability to browse your favourite apps from any corner of the world. For most people in the world right now, they are not moving away from the corners of their respective houses. I’d not recommend for LTE model unless, you are a frequent traveller, or can’t sit at house for some obvious reasons. 

Why should you buy Galaxy Tab A7? 

1. For Binge-watching web series/movies  

This large 10.4-inch 1080p screen is vibrant and colourful, and its all you need to enjoy those binge-watching sessions. While I would’ve loved an AMOLED display, but I will not be complaining about this IPS LCD display at all. It offers 1200 x 2000 pixel resolution at 224 ppi pixel density, which isn’t bad at any levels. 

2. Superb Battery Life 

Samsung has offered a reliable battery life on its Galaxy Tab A7. The battery life easily goes for 10 hours of more of video. It will let you through a few movies between charges since you likely won’t be plugging this device in after every time you use it. For specifics, it offers a 7000mAh capacity battery, which is a humongous number. 

3. Extremely loud sound system 

The Tab A7’s display goes hand-in-hand with its quad-speaker system, which makes watching movies and TV shows enjoyable. The four speakers put out surprisingly excellent sound. They are not muffled or crackly sounding, they are great-sounding speakers. It’s a tremendous speaker system. The cherry on top is that it offers a Dolby Atmos support, which makes an already great speaker system, even better.  

Why shouldn’t you buy Galaxy Tab A7? 

1. Not for PUBG/COD generation 

If you are thinking that you could be gaming on this tablet, well then, I would tell you that it’s not worth playing heavy games, especially any Battle Royale or RPG games. You could enjoy some casual gaming on this as the processor is not capable of handling heavy-duty games. I played Asphalt 9, and I wasn’t impressed by the graphic load time, or the contrast and sharpness levels. 

2. Not a productivity machine 

Don’t turn this tablet into a laptop, because it’s not meant to be for productivity. There’s essentially no affordable tablet out there, which is meant for productive tasks. Samsung didn’t intend it to be a working machine. Which is why Samsung didn’t design any specific keyboard for it. Samsung’s DeX desktop software mode is also missing from this tablet. Plus, there’s no stylus available for purchase with this tablet. 

Closing Thoughts 

Samsung decided you needed an affordable Android tablet with the best speaker system, and perhaps the best display at this price point. And voila, Tab A7 was launched in India at introductory pricing of Rs 14,999, which now retails in the country at a starting price of Rs 17,999. On Amazon or Flipkart, you could find it at much cheaper rates than Samsung’s online store. 

And really, this is all you should ask from a tablet like this. Good looks, good sound, and the apps to stream all the music, movies, and web series available online. The Tab A7 check all the required boxes, and nothing more, nothing less. 

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