Samsung Galaxy S9: “refinement” or “revolution”

Samsung Galaxy S9

Everyone these days have their eyes on the grand iPhone X which has seemed to create a buzz in the market everywhere. Amongst the charm of iPhone X, there are speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S9 which claims to outsmart the Apple phone. But there are whispers that the galaxy flagship may not be as revolutionary as we think it would be. Speculations suggest that there might only be refinements and few changes additional from the Galaxy S8. 

The Business Korea had these lines which created a buzz “Samsung is reportedly preparing a 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 Plus designed around the same elongated, Infinity Display-centric look we saw with the Galaxy S8“. 

Continuing to have the same design is no botheration to the users because they were truly impressed with Galaxy S8. Even though manufacturers criticised the design users were elated with it. Reports even suggest that the Korean company will stick to the 2D facial recognition. 

This will prove to be unfortunate for all those waiting for S9 to outsmart iPhone X. If Samsung is bringing in a revolutionary handset it surely will be well received. But a refinement in Galaxy S8 and its features like the specs and designs will not be very well received. 

Samsung Galaxy S8

Business Korea also revealed that the company might not bring in 3D technology for its front-facing camera. The reason behind it is its limitations in technology and security issues. If this is the case we surmise that Galaxy S9 may get a minor boost in the facial recognition and iris scanner. Users will surely be disheartened  because they were all eagerly waiting for augmented reality focussed features (advanced). But the good news is that despite all the rumours Galaxy S9 will receive upgrades in its specifications. 

Samsung is already improvising the AI system named Galaxy AI UX which they hope to debut in Galaxy S9. The development of this AI system is still not clear but we will let you know once the news is out. 

The interesting thing to see is whether the price of the S9 will compete with Note 8 or not. The only thing we can do is to wait and watch which goodies will the company bring for its users on the S9 smartphone. 

Let us know what you think about the S9 upcoming features. Will it be able to sabotage iPhone X or will it just be an improved model of the S8?

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