Samsung Galaxy S9 to release on Feb 25

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 hit the stores in early 2017, so it`s only fair that we`re hearing more and more about the S9, as we can potentially be only a few months away from its release.

As it always happens in the tech world, whenever a new product is in the pipeline, rumors begin to come fast and thick, especially in the case of new shiny smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Every single detail!

Launch date

The latest leak suggests that Samsung will be launching their Galaxy S9 at the next MWC 2018. It has been confirmed that the phone will now be launched on February 25! The release in MWC means that the device will arrive in most countries  by March!


Samsung Galaxy S9 Render


Price tags expectations are around the $725 mark since it seems that there won`t  be any major design changes from its predecessor, thus a steeper rise in price is doubtful.

Then again, with Sammy`s recent flagship namely the Galaxy Note 8 tickling the one thousand mark, one is never sure. Apple`s iPhone X is a member of that club too, let`s just hope that this isn’t the way forward or the new trend for flagships, but as they tell you, that`s the market nowadays.


Industry sources are saying that Samsung has been hard at work on its display panels since late last March. If this is true that`s apparently six months earlier than usual.

The screen is rumored to retain the S8`s 18.5:9 aspect ratio, though with even smaller bezels, and repositioned fingerprint scanner on the back.

There`s also a good chance it will be the same size as the S8, coming in at 5.8 inches, though these stats are still to be confirmed. For sure it will be curved again, and retaining the Super AMOLED, which delivers vibrant visuals and good contrast.

Aside from that, in late 2016 Samsung licensed a new glass company which technology makes water bounce off your smartphone screen. Samsung plans to include this tech in an upcoming phone, so it may mean that if this is applied to the Galaxy S9 it will be much easier to use in the rain.

Fingerprint scanner

The biggest change could be an on-screen fingerprint scanner, courtesy of Qualcomm, which apparently can sit beneath quite thick displays, while OLED technology, which is used in Samsung`s flagship phones, was specifically mentioned. Then again, I would bet my bottom dollar on a repositioned back fingerprint scanner rather than an in-glass one at this point.

Also, leaker @UniverseIce claims that the S9 will offer a new 3D sensor front camera, enabling you to unlock your phone.

Galaxy S9 render


We also heard about the possibility that the S9 comes as modular, with magnets on the back for various add-ons like zoom lenses or battery packs, a bit like Motorola`s Moto Mods. We will take this with a pinch of salt, while we wait, however it could be a key selling point.

Motorola has come up with new Star Wars edition of their Moto Mods!

Color variant

A new purple color variant was also mentioned, which could attract and tickle the fancy of some consumers too.


When it comes to the camera, the S9 will supposedly be capable to shoot some incredible slow-motion video. Industry sources claim that Samsung is working on a rear camera that can shoot at 1,000 frames per second, which would be better than anything on the market in a phone right now.

It`s possible that there could be one big difference in the camera department between the S9 and the S9 Plus though, with the S9 bearing only one lens, while the Plus featuring a dual-lens snapper.


As regards to battery, following what happened with the Note 7 saga, Samsung will be cautious, but a slightly bigger battery than the S8 could be in the offing.

Oreo & chips

Of course, we will expect to find Android Oreo and the latest Qualcomm 845 chip (or Exynos 9810) out of the box. The chipset would allow cameras to record 4K Ultra HD video at 60fps.

Android oreo


It seems unlikely that we’ll get 6GB of RAM inside, which is what many smartphone brands (especially Asian ones) are doing – with Samsung apparently set to stick with the much more sensible 4GB instead. Having said that, the Note8 has 6GB, so one has to wait and verify.

 Iris scanner

Rumors regarding the Iris Scanner go that it will be upgraded to 3MP (from the S8`s 2MP) and better able to recognize your eyes, even while wearing glasses or if lighting is poor. It will also apparently be faster than the S8.

Galaxy S9 render


The Samsung Galaxy S9 might also have good sound, as there are rumors of it both having AKG stereo speakers and a free set of Bluetooth AKG headphones or in-ear phones.


Galaxy S9 could also have a dual-SIM slot, though most probably these models will be limited to parts of the Asian market, at least at first.


Few remaining points that we didn`t discuss aforementioned, to be honest.

Now that we went through the recent leaks and rumors, we can pass to the wish-list, yeah, what we would like to see on the S9 spec sheet.

For those hoping for foldable displays though, a Samsung executive said that its unlikely before at least 2019, so we can cross that out straight away.

Is Samsung really working on a foldable display?

Maybe a smaller size version, like the iPhone SE for those among you that have smaller hands than the undersigned, well, Samsung never provided smaller variants, usually sticking with the main phone and the Plus.

The fingerprint sensor/scanner under the screen remains a hot feature on our wishlist, though it’s more likely that we get a repositioned fingerprint scanner on the back instead.

S9 cost

Finally and obviously, we would like to see more reachable price tags for everyone, thus a reduced or a lower price, not so sure though. We will still be better off under contracts, paying monthly, I guess.


Well, in conclusion, I am pretty sure that by now I got you all Samsung followers and loyalists, even those who aren`t, salivating. The S9 is within reach, a few months now, and we`re all pretty excited about that upgraded display and specs.

So Mr. Phone readers, we would like to hear more from you out there now. What do you think about all the above? Just rumors or reliable leaks? What more would you like the Samsung S9 to add to its glittering spec sheet? Shoot away illuminate us!

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