Samsung Galaxy S10 to use faster, more reliable ultrasonic on-screen fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S10

On-screen fingerprint readers have started hitting the market with smartphone makers such as Vivo and Oppo. However, a large majority of OEMs have yet to introduce their first such device. Some of the cite the reason that the technology has not reached a state where it is ideal for day to day use. Samsung is also yet to implement one and there have been unending reports that the Galaxy S10 will be the very first and for good reason.

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Up till now, OEMs have been using the on-screen sensor which is of the optical variety manufactured by China-based Gudix. The new report from ETNews says that Samsung will use ultrasonic ones that can reside under glass and still work as effectively.

galaxy s10

Apparently, Qualcomm has developed on-screen fingerprint readers with ultrasonic sensors and the one Samsung plans to use is the third generation. The second generation is capable of working reliably even under thick 800-micron glass slabs. So, the third generation would be at least as impressive if not more. Also, as per the diagram below, Qualcomm’s solution has been preferred because it works more accurately under thicker glass even 1.2mm to be precise. Besides that, you get extras that are not on the Gudix sensors like gesture recognition, under-water active, and blood, heartbeat detection making it the ideal choice.

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With more effectiveness, Qualcomm’s solution is bound to be more money-hungry as well, there’s no doubt. However, the ultrasonic sensor will be a key highlight of the Galaxy S10 but we might catch a glimpse of the same sensor on the Huawei P20 Pro. As per PhoneArena, the Chinese phone maker has also contracted Qualcomm to supply batches of the sensor for their upcoming flagship.

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