Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is it highly productive?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is among its finest productions. It is bringing some of the finest and most productive powerhouses to the market. It is strong and durable and all the features make it even more irresistible for Samsung lovers. Do you think so?

The cost of the phone is $929.99 but it is worth every penny. Depending upon the productivity this costs seemed justified to the manufacturers. 

These features mentioned below have proven fructified in every sense. 

The S Pen 

The S Pen is phenomenal it works so smoothly on apps like Evernote and one note. It also adds is fine quality to the usage of Google’s Handwriting Input. It works magnificently in drawing and photoshop apps. Samsung also included handy features for its digital pen, including translation, Bixby Vision, a screen magnifying tool, Screen Write, and Live Messages. Have you used this amazing smartphone yet?

Screen size 

Many people have complained about the size of the phone is very large but that is one of its attractive features. A big screen has its advantages too, it has not failed in either resolution or productivity. The screen is about 6.3 inch and it is brilliant with a high resolution of 2950×1440. The big screen gives the users a larger space to type on. Does the big screen help everyone user?

Good battery back up

There shall be no productivity from any handset which does not have a good battery back up. What would you do if you have to send an important e-mail and your mobile phone is out of battery?

The phone is large thus it is affordable to fix in large batteries in them. This one comes with a 3,300 mAh battery. The phone works for almost 16 hours to 18 hours a day without the charger. The phone supports fast charging irrespective of a plug-in charger or a wireless charger. 

Multi-Tasking at its finest

Last but definitely not the least, Android is excellent in this department. Samsung has taken this into a whole another level, even though Google’s OS can be beaten but after a few additional changes in Samsung. It is ready to be multi-tasked. This feature makes it possible to open a couple applications at once, making them both visible and accessible simultaneously. The multi-window mode is also a very great feature for those who multi-task. Are you a multi-tasker?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a high priced high tech gadget. It is very efficient for those who can advantage of all its prime features. So are you getting a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8?


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