Samsung : From the disastrous Note 7 to the mighty Note 8

Galaxy Note 9 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Note 7 proved out to be a complete disaster after the blasts. No one thought that the company would ever recover from this tragedy. But, after the
Samsung Note 8, the criticizers just disappeared. Although the phone was super-expensive, the phone blew up the whole market. There were almost no loose ends to complain about. The Note 8 device was like a dream come true!!

Do you know about the incident where Samsung distributed 200 Note 8 units for free?

PROS of the Note 8:

The phone had like an infinite list of features. First of all, the phone consists magnificent infinity display giving the phone a futuristic look. The Super AMOLED display produces rich and distinct colors. The bezels were minimized to the least and it’s quite safe, to say the least in the entire market.

The dual camera setup was just beyond scope. The OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) gives you seamless stability while shooting videos.The “bokeh effect” is beautiful!!  You can click some great shots with the camera. It performs really well in low light conditions. The glass back gives the device a premium look and a good hold over the device. The Galaxy Note 8 is pretty huge in terms of size. The S-pen is one of the best features the phone provides. None of the phones work under-water (Well no one uses the phone underwater) but with the S-pen you can do that too!! 

Galaxy Note 8


There is not much to say in this section but if you want to criticize the Note 8, the following are the cons.

The fingerprint sensor is placed at the worst possible place yet again (following the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus). The camera gets dirty while reaching for the sensor. The OIS does not seem to work properly but with a few updates, it will work fine. I guess these are all the flaws that I could find in it.

No doubt the company recovered really fast after the Note 7. The Korean giant just turned the tables upside down. The customers who lost faith in the Note series came back. Almost everyone was appreciating the work. Samsung yet again proved it that it is still one the best companies out there!

What do you think? Is my analysis on the Note 8 complete or does it need something more? Connect with me and keep following The Mr. Phone!

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