Samsung distributed 200 Galaxy Note 8 devices on a flight and we are shocked!

Galaxy Note 8 distributed for free

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 created a very negative impact on people when, last year, it started exploding due to battery issues. There were a lot of such cases which caused several injuries and disappointment in fans. The situation was so serious that flights all around the world banned the passengers from carrying this device. Being a pro in marketing, Samsung recently distributed its recently launched Galaxy Note 8 among 200 flight passengers for free!

Nope, we are not lying or exaggerating. It all happened onboard a Spanish flight which was going from Madrid to A Coruna. The passengers had no idea that they were going to get the Galaxy Note 8, which actually costs $1000 in Spain, for free. 

The scintillating device came to them in properly packed retailer boxes and when the flight attendants started distributing them, they were really out of their wits!  

You can almost feel the happiness radiating from this video of passengers getting the free Galaxy Note 8!


As if the gesture wasn’t enough, Samsung passed on what we can call a heartfelt apology to people through their message on each box which read – “A year ago we asked you turn it off, we welcome you today onboard.” The message was in Spanish and the reference was to the Note 7. 

In 2016, when the incidents of the Note 7 burning intensified, Samsung asked people to return their devices. The majority of them were returned and the ones left in the outer world were turned off with a software update so that they could not harm people.

For people like us, this gesture is more of a dream than reality but for the Korean giant, it is nothing but a way of saying that its customers can now feel safe with an all-new Note 8 in their hands!

We are nothing less than shocked, surprised and obviously, in awe of this act by Samsung and now, we can basically take a sigh of relief because if it is safe on a plane, it IS safe for your hands. 

The Note 8 has been made with additional safety measures and its battery is very well tested. In India, the cost of a Galaxy Note 8 is INR 67,900/- and to be honest, I am all the more desperate to visit Spain! Who knows if the next Note is waiting for me?

Are you as impressed as I am? Are you going to order the Note 8 right now? Let me know and keep following The Mr. Phone for more!

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