Samsung Ballie AI rolling robot showcased at CES 2020

Samsung Ballie - Feature Image

It’s that time of the year when you get to see some crazy new technologies like smartphones, IoT devices, electric car concepts and much more. CES 2020 has begun at Las Vegas and Samsung has already started showcasing its future technologies for the consumers. The company has firstly showcased Ballie, a tiny rolling robot that is supposed to be more than just extraordinary.

Samsung Ballie Rolling Robot: Features 

The Samsung Ballie will definitely remind you of BB-8 from Star Wars. The robot is meant to follow you and help you with your daily tasks. It is designed to be your intelligent everyday companion. The company didn’t reveal too many details. But the robot does have a camera and sensors to recognize its owner and follow around. 

During the presentation, the company highlighted a few examples like how Ballie will smartly open the blinds in the morning. It will also control other smart home products like Samsung’s robot vacuum. Ballie will use its advanced On-Device AI capabilities to help as a fitness assistant. Samsung will most probably elaborate more on data safety standards when this concept becomes a reality. 

The company believes that such smart robots will soon become our everyday companions. It will be interesting to see how the company takes this concept forward. No additional information has been revealed about Ballie. So we currently don’t have anything about the official launch and the price. 

Do you wish to have your own robot companion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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