Samsung AltZLife, a new private mode introduced on Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Samsung AltZLife - Feature Image

Samsung has also been a brand of preference for professionals and businessmen for their excellent safety features and, today to add to the levy of security features, the brand introduced the AltZLife for your Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. What is it all about and what are its features? Let’s talk in detail about the Samsung AltZLife.

Samsung AltZLife Features

The brand states that the core reason this feature will have an impact on the user experience, especially Gen Z customers. Who wish to keep their data secure and this feature will aid in that. Leading to reduced anxiety that users have with their data being in the vast expanse that is the internet. Now, the Samsung AltZLife offers two significant features which are Quick Switch and Content Suggestions.

1. Quick Switch: This feature provides the user with two versions of an app, a private one and a public one. The user can make this switch by pressing the power button twice, after which the user is required to enter his password/ fingerprint. This will help the user to use the app more efficiently with different uses for the same app.

2. Content Suggestions: This is an AI-based app which is present inside the Secure Folder and it’s AI-powered engine automatically suggests users to move private images of pre-selected categories to the Secure Folder. For this, the user will have to select the categories in the form of a face or a type of image and it will automatically suggest the user to do so in the future.

Samsung AltZLife – Launch Date and Availability

The Samsung AltZLife feature will be available to all existing and new users of the Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51 via a software update on the 10th of August, which is today. 

Do let us know whether you are excited to try this out and what your favourite feature is, in the comments below.

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