Do you know about SAM, world’s first AI-enabled politician?


Chatbots are the next big thing and if we look at the way that Google Assistant is evolving, one can be sure that AI enabled conversations are all that we have in store for us. Catching up with the frenzy around chatbots, Facebook has introduced SAM – an AI-enabled politician in New Zealand via its Messenger!

Thankfully, Facebook has no intention of turning SAM into its “Trump Card”! *Pun intended*

Coming back to the topic under scrutiny, SAM has been created to make people more aware of their country’s policies and rules. Politics is all about the representation of people and if we are to believe Facebook, SAM will be the fairest representative of them all.

According to Engadget’s report, “SAM doesn’t currently hold any office — nor could it likely legally run for one, under current laws — and her conversations are still very limited. But she’s an experiment to create a representative that listens to people and responds to their questions with facts.”

Facebook introduces AI enabled SAM

Do you know about the other groundbreaking concept – Tesla Roadster 2.0?

Currently, a resident of New Zealand can bring his/her questions to SAM and she’ll respond according to the list of topics that have been saved inside its database. But as the questions grow, the chatbot will become more intelligent and will be able to cover a plethora of other topics as well!

The creator of this wonderful and helpful chatbot is Nick Gerritsen and he believes that SAM can run for general elections in 2020! Many other news channels in the country are welcoming SAM and calling it the true representative of people!

However, if we are to think critically, the chatbot’s election to any position of power could actually backfire since the last time Facebook tried to use AI, it made a code language within itself! 

What do you think about this AI-enabled politician? Would you vote for it? Let us know in the comments below!

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