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The world is full of competition and to seek every opportunity is not easy and not possible as well. Linkedin is a tool which helps you to do that, it helps you to connect and interact with people similar to your field. To put your best foot forward and to seek the challenges coming your way, like a bullet left its barrel. Your profile on Linkedin is the first place every professional comes to when he/she wants to know about your professional experience. It only not helps to create an impression but it also helps you to connect with recruiters who can have exciting opportunities for you. Along with a profile comes the need to have a resume, you can not go to an interview without having a powerful resume.

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With the concept to draft a persuasive resume, Linkedin has launched a very useful feature named Resume Assistant. That helps to bring an understanding of the professional networking. You must be curious about how will this work? 

When you have selected your desired role and the industry, this Resume Assistant for Linkedin will give you insights from the profiles of its members. You can get suggestions to frame your resume the way it is accepted in your field. You can also see jobs for yourself, along with that you will get the understanding of what specific skills are required in your field. 

Along with this feature, you can also turn on the option of “open candidates”. In this Linkedin gives a green signal to all the recruiters that you are in search of an opportunity. 

This feature will roll out to Microsoft insiders from this week on Windows and will also be available to Office 360 subscribers. This news is confirmed by Microsoft. 

What do you feel about this new feature by Linkedin? Let us know. 

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