Results – Mr. Phone Blogging Contest 2.0

When we launched the second edition of Mr. Phone Blogging contest, we never in a million years thought that it would be such a big hit (again) and we are extremely overwhelmed by the response. With a lot of pride and hope, we’d like to inform you that we received hundreds of entries, but we had to choose the best ones out of them.

Now, the decision was not at all an easy one and all of your articles were very well written, but some were just a tiny bit better than the others. So here are Mr. Phone Blogging Contest 2.0 Winners: 

David Xuereb – Malta
Article: AR & VR craze, is it long lasting?

Daniel Lawrence – UK
Article: The successor of Samsung and Apple

Alexander – USA
Article: The successor of Samsung and Apple

So these were the Top 3 bloggers for the Mr. Phone blogging contest! We’d like to congratulate them on winning this competition and we’re sure that they will continue to amaze you with the power of their words! We are excited to welcome all three of them to Mr. Phone family.

Now there were a lot of good bloggers we couldn’t miss to mention so here are a few special mentions who tried hard and almost won this competition-

Parth Lunia, Ayush, Agustin Lisazo, Karun Kumar, Manpreet Singh, James Marvin, Tejpal, Sarkazh Aram and Rohit Singh!

We are grateful to each of you for giving so much love and appreciation to Mr. Phone! We’ll be back with another interesting contest and till then, stay tuned!

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