Report: upcoming Apple iPhones will be priced below $1000

Apple iPhone 2018

Apple’s most radically designed new iPhone, the iPhone X was also the most expensive from the company in its entire history. The $999 price tag was one of the factors that affected the sales of the flagship from the Cupertino-based handset maker. Now, it’s almost time for a refresh and a new prediction from industry analysts TrendForce suggests the starting price for any of the upcoming iPhone X models will not cross $999.

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Apple iPhone 2018 - Rear

By now, probably everyone interested in iPhones knows that there will be three models. The 5.8-inch may start at $899 (around Rs 63,100), and go up to $949 (around Rs 66,600). While the most expensive and biggest of them, the 6.5-inch model will start at $999. These are the two OLED panel bearing models. What about the 6.1-inch affordable one? That’s supposed to begin at $699 (around Rs 49,000). While the highest end will retail for $749 (Rs 52,000 approx).

The real raison d’etre underlying the predictions is that iPhone X sales were not up to their predictions. That combined by the ever-improving aggressive pricing of Chinese competitors has put Apple in a tight corner.

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Another juicy piece of info coming out of the same report is that the new iPhones will support Apple Pencil. Moreover, Apple will finally be coming to market with a 512GB variant and 4GB of RAM on the premium OLED panel phones, if the report holds true.

Shipping is predicted for all three models in September – October timeframe although Apple has made no comments on any of these points so far.


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