Xiaomi sold 300,000 Redmi Note 5, Note 5 Pros in 3 mins but users are disappointed with flash sales

Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5 on 14th February in India. People were pretty excited for the devices to go on sale. The phones went on sale yesterday on Flipkart and mi.com. And as expected, the Note 5 Pro went out of stock within minutes and the incident derived a lot of reactions from consumers. Let’s look at everything that transpired in detail.

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Xiaomi sold 3,00,000 units of the Redmi Note 5 Pro within a few minutes

Yes, you read it right. The Chinese OEM sold out the whole stock of the Redmi Note 5 Pro in “less than 3 minutes” according to the company. People were waiting for the phones online and the long queue outside Mi Stores was not a sight to be missed. The level of excitement in Indian consumers was similar to the frenzy that is generally associated with Apple iPhone launches every year.

Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5 Flash sale tweet

While you’re likely to encounter a great number waiting for the newest iPhone outside the retail store, Xiaomi’s fan following made it the biggest deal in India. The level of enthusiasm was commendable and you can guess the brand’s popularity after this incident. 

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Only if all was so well with the Redmi Note 5 Pro…

Xiaomi’s Global Vice President, Manu Kumar Jain posted a graphic celebrating this event. The company has termed it as “Biggest Sale ever in the history of India”. However, the Indian consumers have expressed doubts over this number. According to some, Xiaomi is just exaggerating. They believe that the stock lasted for just a few minutes and only 30,000 phones were available. However, there is no surety of the same. 

People are sad, disappointed and many have called it a marketing strategy. This kind of reaction from the consumers is the first of its kind. People replied to Manu Kumar Jain’s tweet and expressed their concern. A Xiaomi enthusiast, @vishusgh tweeted, “Why you are lying. It was Oos at 11:59 at Flipkart. I was having note 5 pro in cart but while payment it showed oos. Time was 11:59. It came at 11:59 & went at 11:59 itself. I don’t think u sold 3 lakh phones maybe 3K phones.”

Another disappointed consumer (@rajuajoshi11) replied, “Whom you are making fool ??? Flipkart was showing Pro out of stock at 11:59 A.M. only. Please don’t use such cheap publicity tactics to show the product is in big demand.” 

A follower on one of our social media platforms commented, “Before 12: Coming Soon. At 12: Out Of Stock. Like wtf is this, I waited for like 1hr and boom, it’s out of stock. It went out of stock in some milliseconds I guess! Worst service from Flipkart and Xiaomi.”

The list goes on and you can see numerous angry reactions everywhere. Even Mi Homes were not well equipped. Some witnesses claim that there were only twenty-five units and a queue of at least three-hundred people. People waiting for Redmi Note 5 Pro in Mi Home.

Not only this, many users have drifted towards other brands. Angry consumers showcased their Honor 7X units on various social media platforms to showcase their resistance. 

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Were parallel markets the real culprits?

Amidst all this uncertainty, there’s a possibility that Xiaomi wasn’t the real culprit. Various users have attested to the presence of “bulk buyers”. They are the people who devise bots which order numerous units when a phone goes on sale. The bot is based on an algorithm which can actually order multiple units with one click. These people sell the acquired units at a higher price and earn profits. The presence of bulk buyers is a major setback since Xiaomi’s brand value is also suffering in this case. 

Redmi Note 5 Pro goes out of stock due to bulk buyers

If this is the case, Xiaomi will have to be prudent in the next sale. Customers believe in the Chinese brand and want to buy its products. It would do good for Xiaomi if it was to take up some measures to avoid bulk ordering. 

Bulk buyers made the Redmi Note 5 Pro out of stock

In fact PointGadget blog thinks this is creating a black market of smartphones, which, in all honesty, might not be too far-fetched. Because, this is not the first time that we’ve seen people selling Xiaomi phones for a higher price online. 

Should we expect Xiaomi to do something?

Technically, Xiaomi cannot be held guilty for buyer outrage. However, as a community-driven company, a little more transparency in their communication could have helped Xiaomi. 

The company could’ve clearly highlighted the availability of the stocks for more clarity. Manu Kumar Jain has announced the second flash sale for the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro on 28th February. Many people are looking forward to the sale and we hope that this time, people get their desired phone. 

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