Is this the real image of the OnePlus 5T?

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T is making it to the headlines every day and recently, we came to know that it is going to retain the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The company has been posting limitless teasers and even the senior executives are not shying away from posting clues regularly. Today, we are here to tell you about an image which has surfaced on the internet and people are almost certain that it is the much- awaited flagship of the OnePlus 5.

The image in scrutiny has been posted by the eSports player Alessandro Palmarini and it contains a person holding a mysterious OnePlus phone. Except the ones posted by the well-known Evan Blass, all the other leaks of the OnePlus 5T have been found to be a sham

OnePlus 5T real image

This image is from the Paris Game Week and you can clearly see a person playing a game on a device which looks a little similar to the OnePlus 5. It is not the OnePlus 5 because the front fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be found. Besides, we have a taller screen and smaller bezels.

The screen is curved at the edges and the phone looks amazing! In this event, various OnePlus 5 could be found at the OnePlus booth. Since the Chinese company is a sponsor of the Vainglory eSports team of Palmarini, the device can really be the OnePlus 5T. You can even consider it as another teaser by the company and if this is the OnePlus 5T, we are absolutely in love with its design!

OnePlus 5T in Paris game week

Evan Blass has openly tweeted that the phone can be expected after November 20. The OnePlus 5T won’t be too different than the OnePlus 5. The changes would majorly include smaller bezels, better battery backup, bigger screen and the positioning of the fingerprint sensor. There would be a dual rear camera and it would be better than the mighty OnePlus 5.

We are expecting more details about this important phone soon because the company itself is posting a lot of teasers!

Do you like what this image shows? Do you think that this is not a fake? Let us know in the comments section below and keep following Mr. Phone website and app for more!

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