PUBG mobile vs Fortnite mobile: the battle of the battle royales


In the past few months, battle royale-themed games such as PUBG and Fortnite have seen a massive influx of players. Especially after both the games were ported to mobile recently. Both have grown substantially, dominating the gaming charts. Note that PUBG is available on both Android and iOS, while Fortnite is an iOS-exclusive at the moment with plans for an Android port soon.

But the bigger question is – which one of these two games in the new “Battle Royale” genre is better on the phone? To find out, we compared the two games for multiple factors including the visuals, gameplay and more.

Core components

Both games revolve around the main battle royale concept, but have some key components that make the games unique. While Fortnite revolves around building, PUBG lets players drive around the map with vehicles. Obviously, there’s also a lot of shooting involved. Duh!

In fortnite, you can build walls, stairs, planks and roof segments, and with these, you can erect massive structures in a matter of seconds. Since everything in the game is destructible, you can solely rely on your building to gain cover. There are three materials you can use to build: wood, brick and metal. You can get these materials by chopping down trees, rocks and vehicles e.t.c. (unfortunately, you cannot drive these vehicles in Fortnite). You can often identify a really good player by how fast he builds, and also what he chooses to build.

In PUBG, there are various different vehicles you can drive. There are dune buggies, cars, bikes and even boats. These vehicles can help you get into the blue zone, which is the demarcated playing area and it keeps shrinking. You can also use the vehicles as a weapon, by running over other players. I have often seen a player win the game by crushing their opponent with the wheels of their vehicle.

Now that we have the main differences out of the way, let’s get down to choosing a victor.


I felt like PUBG was easier to play. Driving vehicles, running around the map, strafing while trying to knock out my opponent, it all felt a tad bit easier. Aiming is a lot easier in PUBG, thanks to the generous aim assist the developers have implanted in the game. Note: when shooting PUBG switches to the first-person mode. 

I find the game easy because the game is padded with bots. This helps new players adapt to PUBG with ease. This tactic gave me a sense of comfort, and contributed to a gentle learning curve. On the flipside, Fortnite is significantly harder, because you are constantly competing with experienced players who can aim and build faster than you. This makes your initial set of matches arduous, but helps you in the long term, as you can learn from multiple encounters with experienced players and implant their strategies in your fights. Fortnite also lets you play cross-platform, and continue your progress on console and pc, something that is still missing in PUBG.

In the end, PUBG’s gentle learning curve and considerable aim assist win it this round.

Winner: PUBG



In the beginning, I feel like both games are equally hard to grasp when it comes to the control scheme. But you can customize the control scheme in PUBG, while you can’t do the same in Fortnite. You have to stick to the cramped control scheme when playing the game.

I also felt slightly uncomfortable playing Fortnite, because my charger got in the way of my fingers, making it difficult to manoeuvre, but I got used to it after my first few matches. 

Overall, I liked PUBG’s control scheme more, as it allowed for fluid movements      (after customisation), letting me aim and shoot with ease.

Winner – PUBG



Both PUBG and Fortnite have done an amazing job with the graphics. While fortnite takes on a cartoonish aesthetic, PUBG leans toward the more realistic and also slightly grubbier side. PUBG has also embedded a feature – often seen in PC games – which allows you to change your graphics settings. You can switch between High, Medium, and Low depending on the capabilities of your smartphone. For example, I played on Medium settings on the Samsung Galaxy S7. While PUBG is more realistic, Fortnite is more clean, and less cluttered than PUBG. 

Winner – Fortnite



I played PUBG on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and I played Fortnite on the      iPhone 7 Plus, and the games played exceptionally well on both the phones. The gameplay was smooth, very few lag spikes and no lag while building/driving         (keep in mind the experience may vary for different phones).

But while skydiving in PUBG and Fortnite, buildings popped out of nowhere, and that made the games feel slightly gnarly in the beginning. This won’t happen on a PC or console but let’s not forget that mobile GPUs aren’t that capable yet. 

Although, the games are almost identical, Fortnite is known to have a more consistent performance on all devices, while PUBG’S performance fluctuates according to the device. 

Winner – Fortnite



Both PUBG and Fortnite have in-game currency through which you can buy cosmetic items. In PUBG, you can buy crates – which have multiple clothing items in them – while you can buy skins and emotes in Fortnite, which you can find in the store.  The skins and emotes change everyday.

You can also buy the ‘Battle Pass’ in Fortnite, which is an item that gives you access to many cosmetics that you unlock while your level increases. PUBG also has in-game currency you can earn, so you can unlock items without having to pay real money. This gives PUBG a massive advantage as a lot of people would rather not pay for cosmetic items, but would also prefer that their avatar have some decent clothing for itself (and not be running around in scraps of cloth).

Winner – PUBG



The result really surprised me, as I prefer Fortnite over PUBG on the console    any-day. But on mobile, PUBG is the victor of the contest of battle royales, winning 3 out of the 5 categories. 

Have you played either of these games yet? Let us know which is your favourite game in the comments section below. 

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