You can now post the same story on Facebook and Messenger together!

Facebook has rolled out a new update by taking back one of its features. Sounds confusing? What we mean to say is that now your Facebook and Messenger story will be the same! The Messenger Day feature has been rolled back and what you post on your Facebook story will automatically go on your Facebook Messenger story as well. We are in favor of this update but what about you?

Due to this update, you’ll be able to watch the same story at both places and if you view a story on one app, the other will automatically mark you as a viewer. The feature focusses on providing a better user experience. Say goodbye to multiple postings of the exact same thing!

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The best part is that this feature will ensure a better visibility of your story. The views will not be divided and you will be able to convey in a better way!

Facebook integrates messenger stories

The rumor mill has also churned out a piece of information according to which Facebook will also integrate Instagram stories with its own. However, it will only be a one-way process where your Instagram stories will be shown on the parent company’s app but the same wouldn’t happen to Facebook stories. 

Facebook and other apps

We understand that this is a complex affair. Facebook has four apps under its hood and each app has a separate story feature. It all becomes too chaotic since people are forced to post the same thing in different apps. By integrating its stories Messenger stories, the company is acting for the benefit of its consumers.

Do you feel the same way as us? Is this feature any good at all? Let us know in the comments section below.

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