PLAY FIT SW75 Smartwatch review: best smartwatch under Rs. 3,500?

Rating: 9/10


  • Touch display is good
  • App works really well
  • Notification service is reliable
  • Tracking is mostly on-point


  • Strap feels cheap
  • Screen isn’t that bright


It is safe to say that smartwatches are finally getting cheaper, which means more people can make use of them. We’ve already seen good smartwatches from established brands such as Lenovo and Amazfit. However, the new PLAY FIT from PLAY seems to be an interesting newcomer into this segment. At Rs. 3,299, can this watch actually beat its competition? Well, if you want the TL;DR version, in most cases, it can. It’s not the perfect watch, but yeah, it’s quite good. So what makes me say that? Read on, for the full review of the PLAY FIT SW75 Smartwatch, Mr. Phone style.

Design And Build Quality

No, Apple wasn’t the first to make it, but square watches have clearly been made famous by the Cupertino giant, and PLAY FIT watch also features a square design watch. That is not to say that it is a clone of the same. In fact, the PLAY FIT watch does have its own design language, which is simple and effective. 

You get a button on either side of the watch, where the right button is the action key while the left button works as a quick launch for activity tracking. The display here is a touch display, which makes navigating inside the watch quite easy too. It’s not the best touch displays out there, but it definitely gets the job done. More importantly, it is certainly better than having a single touch navigation style like the Lenovo Carme Watch we reviewed recently.

The strap here looks quite interesting, with multiple locking points. It also is quite lightweight which also makes it breathable. That said, the strap does feel cheap to me, and slight pressure in the form of stretching and twisting can cause it to break easily. I’m not saying that anyone will actually be doing that in day-to-day usage, but then again, it does suggest that the overall life of the strap shouldn’t be that long once it is daily exposed to wear and tear along with sweat.

Overall, I do like the design of the PLAY FIT smartwatch. It’s not great, but it is simple and gets the job done. Instead of trying out something unique or extraordinary, PLAY has clearly gone for the safer route and considering the price of the device, it seems to be working well for them.

User Experience

PLAY is a new company, and as such, I wasn’t really expecting a lot from this watch. And I guess maybe that is what made the experience really good for me. For what it’s worth, the PLAY FIT watch actually works really well. That said, it isn’t the perfect watch. Let’s talk about the cons first, since there are only a handful of them. 

First up, the display. Yes, the touch experience is great to use and there are no issues there as such, you do want the display to be bright. Sadly, using the watch under direct sunlight is a bit of a hassle, since the display doesn’t get that bright. Also, the watch faces here owe up to the price tag. They look basic and make the watch look cheap, which is really sad, considering the fact that the experience of the watch otherwise is actually pretty good.

I used the device for about a week, and in my testing, I faced no issues whatsoever with the watch. Even the PLAY FIT app has been designed very well. The heart rate monitoring is seemingly accurate, the steps don’t register any false hand movements, and even the watch feels comfortable to wear. I don’t swim a lot, but the watch is rated for ATM5, which means it is waterproof up to 50m underwater as well.

As for the app, it shows you a well-curated log of all your activities and goes ahead to even warn you if you get your heart rate above the recommended rate. Lastly, while the look of it isn’t that good, at least the notifications here work in perfect sync, and there wasn’t even a single moment when I had missed out on one. 

There’s one caveat that I have with the device though. Remember those two buttons I talked about on either side? Well, I was under the impression that if I flipped the watch, I could revamp the other two buttons to switch their functions. Sadly, that is not the case, and that feels like a missed opportunity. It’s not a big deal, but yeah, it could have really added on to the overall functionality.

Battery Life

Now in terms of battery life, the Amazfit Bip Lite is definitely the battery champ in the budget segment. However, the PLAY FIT isn’t that far behind. In my testing of the watch, the watch easily lasted my entire week of review. I started at 100% charge and after a week of rigorous use with notifications on and active heart rate, I was at 62% battery.

Yeah! That good. As such, you can easily expect the watch to last 15 days on a single charge, which is pretty damn good. 

Should You Buy the PLAY FIT SW75?

In a word? Yes. It’d be an overstatement to say that the PLAY FIT SW75 is the perfect watch under Rs. 3,500. That said, it is clearly one of the best options out there that you can buy. Especially in terms of a smartwatch. Sure, some people may make an argument that they could get almost similar features in the Mi Band 4. However, that is a fitness band, while the PLAY FIT is a different ball game. There are things that I would change about the PLAY FIT SW75. I would want a slightly better strap, a brighter display, and more watch faces. However, none of these things are absolute deal-breakers, and if you’re looking for a smartwatch that can do stuff effectively at wouldn’t burn a hole in your pockets, the PLAY FIT SW75 is clearly one to consider.

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