Pixel Buds vs Airpods – A Quick Comparison

AirPods vs Pixel Buds

With more and more companies shifting to wireless audio solutions, the two major manufacturers that are at the forefront of it all are Google and Apple. Google launched the Pixel buds earlier this week in competition to the Apple Airpods released last year. The intent is to provide a seamless wireless audio with no hassles of pairing and audio loss. Let’s see how do they hold up. 


Both the Pixel buds and the Airpods provide decent battery lives. The wireless charging case can charge them 4 times over before needing to recharge the case itself. So we have a tie on the Battery front. The Only advantage with Apple is the slick minimal size of the case which is more portable, but then again the Pixel Buds case looks really trendy. So that might totally be up to you. 


Airpods have the one-fits-all approach. They don’t provide a middle ground for those who might face difficulties in keeping them on. The Pixel buds, on the other hand, have a design which rests on the exterior of the ear canal and not inside. Also, you can adjust them according to your liking as you expand or shrink the cloth string to fit your ear. The ergonomics award definitely goes to the Pixel buds. 


Airpods have proven to be seamless when connecting with an iPhone. You won’t even notice it. Just open the case and you’re in. Google also tinkered with the Bluetooth settings to enforce a similar feature. So, for now, it’s a draw as we haven’t had a good hands-on time with the buds. 


Both the buds and Airpods have respective assistants that are just a command away which is really helpful. Airpods call Siri and the buds call Google assistant. However, Google Assistant, as we all know, is far more superior in its functionality and versatility than Siri. Also, a feature introduced in the Pixel buds was real-time speech translation. Not sure when will it be live, but Google has the resources to make it a success. Apple, on the other hand, has never mentioned such extra features, but they are equally competent to do such stuff. Maybe sooner than later, we’ll get to see something like this from them too.


The buds again provide much more when it comes to intuitive controls. Tap to pause, play, double tap to read notifications, swipe for volume control etc. Airpods are very limited to tap controls and also don’t offer much surface area to interact with the pods. Easily the winner here seems to be the Buds. 

Audio Quality 

The Airpods, as we know, have a dedicated W1 chip inside which does a lot, from seamless syncing of left ear to right ear, seamless pairing with an iPhone, elevating sound quality, and even dedicated sensor inputs which pause music if one of the pods are removed. The buds don’t host such an advanced mechanism inside and you might definitely feel the Audio quality of the Airpods to be far superior. 

These are although very preliminary thoughts. As we have more hands-on over the Pixel Buds, we can see how they fare in actual usage. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of this comparison. Do you think the Pixel Buds are better than the Airpods? 


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