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With over two billion Android devices running, Google must be proud to dominate the smartphone OS market. Android has proven itself time and again, to be the amped-up underdog with its offerings. And very recently, Google started playing Apple’s game by perfect their smartphones by thoroughly optimizing hardware and software under one roof.  Yes, the Pixel was the first phone from Google that looked optimized perfectly for Android. It felt like a wandering soul which finally met its body. And now, Android is ready to reincarnate in its new body, i.e. the Pixel 2 which is less than a month away from release. Please read on to know what we know so far and why it could be a possible game changer.


The latest leaks suggest that the Pixel 2 will sport a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. It’s supposed to be water-resistant and might follow Apple by ditching the headphone jack. The removal of headphone jack has been a point of controversy since last year, which might leave a scar on the Pixel 2. In some of the initial leaks, a mock-up exhibited that the Pixel 2 lineup would follow the 2017 trend of minimizing bezels, but a very recent leak suggests otherwise. Based on the recent renders, the metal plate on the back will presumably be a bit shorter in width, such that the edge of the plate resides above the scanner, which indicates a better design choice. 


The display, like the last year, would be a quad – HD at  2560 X 1312 resolution. Based on the benchmarks that surfaced on the internet, there are indications of having a 5.6 inch OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, much like the S8 and S8+, which might bring the resolution to 2560 x 1280. The high resolution is expected as Google is ready to roll on with its Daydream project. Another leak suggests that the smaller Pixel 2 will be hosting a 4.99-inch screen and the larger one would stand at 6-inches. It is also rumored that Google is taking screen shipments from LG. We might as well be seeing a curved OLED panel made by LG, similar to that in the LG V30. This would bring it in line with the other flagship giants. 


A clever software optimization paired up with a really good hardware, that’s what the last year’s Pixel phones were about and they did sport one of the best cameras at the time when they launched. The HDR+ optimization took HDR at a whole new level without a camera bump on the back. This year’s rumors is a 12 MP rear-end camera and a 7 MP front-facing camera with noticeable improvements. Also, the case leaks show a different cut out for both the phones which suggests a different setup for each. The good part is that the cutout seems a lot bigger which indicates a bigger sensor, and that calls for an amazing low-light performance.


Not much is said on the battery, but the Pixel and Pixel XL could have a 2770 mAH and 3,450 mAh respectively. The Pixel doesn’t seem to hold much juice, but the stock Android Oreo might amp things up a lot better and we might get to see a lot better efficiency with these phones.

Internal Specs

The benchmark scores that surfaced online indicates that the phones would host the Snapdragon 835 chipset which is also known for good battery handling. It will be coupled with 4 Gigs of RAM and be available in two storage variants of 64 GB and 128 GB. Some earlier rumors mentioned about housing a Snapdragon 836, but those claims were later rejected. The single-core score leads to 1804 and multi-core score leads to 6248 in benchmarks. This is in line with the latest top of the line flagship phones. 

Other Features 

It has been rumored that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be having the squeeze functionality that HTC U11 has. Perhaps, they might add in a functionality of the squeeze phone to activate google assistant as well. It’s an interesting leak which suggests that the phones might be made by HTC this year. 

As a tech enthusiast, I am really excited for the Google Pixel 2 series of phones. Stock Android with high-end specs, inculcating innovative technology and laying Google’s vision ahead sounds promising to me. If they do good on design, and deploy all the enhancements introduced in this year’s Google I/O, this would be a tough one to beat. But then again, the article is based on leaks and rumors. We’d wait to find out more on the October 4th launch event.

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