Pay with Google now eases your online purchases

Google Pixel

The new feature Pay with Google will help you buy goods online or pay for take away’s from food outlets. Google is trying its best to ease the pain for users. This feature helps in replacing credit cards with a lucid button. Do not get baffled by Google pay or Android pay it isn’t the same. This specification helps in preventing the wastage of time which is spent on looking for a credit card for details. You can simply click on a button, select your choice of card, and then confirm the transaction with the help of a security code. 

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There is no need to enter your shipping address as well, Google shall send it to the retailer for you. Isn’t this exciting for all who want to shop hassle free, can do so via Pay with Google. This feature will have the credit or debit cards and the shipping address you had used when you were setting up Google products which include Youtube, Chrome, Android Pay or Google Play. This special service will easily work on Android apps and on the web. 

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