Overpriced iPhone X will not be sold anymore on Best Buy

Apple iPhone X

Best Buy was trying to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus more expensive than they already are! While many of us raised our eyebrows at this random decision, the American retailer was resilient to follow it. However, a severe backlash from the customers has made them rethink about this matter.

Confirmed by the retailer itself, the iPhone X which is by far the most revolutionary device from Apple will now be sold for its normal price. The retailer rolled out the information earlier that the three iPhone models would be sold at a price $100 more than the original price.

The other retailers in the USA are also selling the latest Apple phone but only through carrier installment plans. This unjustified rate was taken back after the consumers started questioning the intentions of the company. 

Best Buy has understood that selling the unlocked iPhone X at a higher price would affect their image severely even though the “demand was high”. Here is the statement that they gave to the press –

“Although there was clearly demand for the un-activated iPhone X, selling it that way cost more money, causing some confusion with our customers and noise in the media. That’s why we decided a few days ago to only sell the phone the traditional way, through installment billing plans.”

Do you know about the incident where Apple was accused of decreasing the accuracy of Facial Id to increase production?

Best Buy's premium rate on iPhone X

What is weird is that the retailer is not even selling the newest units of these phones anymore but has resorted to providing you with the carrier installment plans just like other companies!

We are not even sure about Best Buy’s intention behind this step but if you’re looking for an iPhone X, you can get it at the Apple store for its original price.

Best Buy justified the premium charge of $100 by saying that it was intentional and they were doing it because giving different methods of purchasing “has a cost”. So does Best Buy earn no profits out of the iPhone sale at all? Does the carrier installment mean zero profit for the retailer?

What do you think? Let us know and keep following The Mr. Phone for more.


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