OPPO and Xiaomi showcase their under-display selfie cameras

All the rage in the smartphone world has been to get rid of the selfie camera somehow to achieve that bezel-less screen. We’ve seen notches, waterdrop notches, pop-up cameras, and even swivel cameras. However, now, it seems like we finally may have a decent solution. This morning, OPPO showed off the first-ever demo of a smartphone with an under-display selfie camera. And in an attempt to steal their thunder, Xiaomi showcased their technology as well.

OPPO and Xiaomi showcase under-display front camera technology

Things kicked off when OPPO shared their under-display front camera technology via their official Twitter handle. Based on the video, the camera clearly resides below the display and comes into action when the camera app is launched. Unlike other bezel-less smartphones, the Camera UI does not stretch to the top of the screen, which is kind of obvious.

Next up, was Xiaomi. The head of Pocophone Global, Alvin Tse, shared a video of Xiaomi’s patented under-display camera technology. The implementation seems to be similar to OPPO’s, where the camera clearly resides under the display.

How does it work?

While there was no explanation from OPPO’s end, Alvin from Xiaomi did share the explanation for the under-display camera technology. According to him, the front-facing 20-megapixel ultra-clear self-timer camera is hidden under the screen, and the integrated lens is designed with the ingenuity. The screen also acts as a lens. When the camera starts, the screen and the lens work together to let the light fully enter the camera sensor.

When can we expect phones to feature this?

So far, there has been no official word from either brand as to when the technology will be ready for consumers. However, the rumor mill suggests that consumer devices will only be ready by the start of 2020? So, are you excited for the future of smartphones? Let us know in the comments below!

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