OPPO showcases its next-gen under-screen selfie camera technology

OPPO has announced its latest under-screen selfie camera technology that aims to deliver a perfect balance between screen and camera quality. Up until now, we have seen under-display selfie cameras that tend to compromise either the display or the selfie camera itself. OPPO here claims to change that with its years of experience in under screen technology.

The firm further says it has combined best in hardware innovation and also OPPO’s proprietary AI algorithms. This new under-screen camera solution is said to be placed under the smartphone display that claims to be ideal for all the technical and manufacturing challenges faced since the inception of this technology, like poor image quality.

OPPO is fairly confident in this new tech as it showcases a prototype device featuring the latest under-screen camera placed, which is displaying a kindle-Esque reading page (with white background). This example is significant because earlier versions of this tech would easily annoy readers as they could notice pixels right above the selfie camera as the light passes through it, which is not the case with this next-gen technology.

The company says this achievement was possible with the new solution. It tends to shrink the size of each pixel, which further ensures a 400ppi display matching the camera incorporated area. Besides, OPPO also suggests that it has replaced the conventional screen wiring with a transparent wiring material that further reduces the width by up to 50%. This translates to a much finer display.

In a press release, OPPO has further explained the image AI algorithms involved in the camera department.

Regarding the camera, OPPO’s U.S. Research Institutes has developed a series of imaging AI algorithms – including diffraction reduction, HDR and AWB – to reduce some of the negative side effects typically found in under-screen cameras, such as blurry images and image glare. OPPO has also trained its AI diffraction reduction model using tens of thousands of images to control problems caused by diffraction at the light source, allowing users to capture clearer, more natural-looking images.

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After three significant developments over generations, this attempt from OPPO surely looks promising. The company hasn’t decided when these advancements can be seen in the real world or on a commercial device just yet. But it promises to continue R&D into hardware and algorithmic processing and further optimise the under-display camera technology.

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