OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G backed by industry first AI Highlight Video feature to offer ultimate videography experience

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G

The popularity and demand of 5G technologies globally has increased manifold. The advent of 5G has brought opportunities for people to discover more diverse and complex content. It also enables more possibilities for mobile applications too. Video, as both, content format and an engaging application, is set to benefit with the arrival of 5G making it easier to make, download and share videos of all types. With these developments, smartphone usability is also transforming. The variety of information and the richer form of expression offered by video depicts that people are now more engaged in using video to record and share their lives more than ever before. The 5G era is set to become the generation of video, and the video experience offered by smartphones will be critical for consumers in the future.

As per a global consumer study by CMR, 5G has enabled a huge growth in video content creation, especially short-form videos. With the increased need for high-quality connectivity, 5G has promoted rapid development of the video industry, making it one of the biggest spaces to look forward in the future. We are already observing this in India, as consumers seek to upgrade to 5G-ready phones driven by the urge to future-proof themselves.

Many global tech brands are working towards developing technologies to address the growing consumer need for video content consumption and creation. One brand that truly stands out in accelerating innovations to provide users the ultimate premium video experience is OPPO.

Backed by robust R&D, OPPO has already understood the growing need for smartphone video creation and how 5G will further enhance video content creation and consumption. Keeping in line with its commitment to offer future ready and cutting- edge technologies OPPO is all set to launch the videography expert, Reno5 Pro 5G on 18th January 2021, a revolutionary marvel that the world has never seen before. This videography genius from the house of OPPO will leave users in awe of its video capabilities. So, save the date to experience the most path-breaking imaging innovation of this year!

Let us delve into how the future ready Reno5 Pro 5G will lead the way for users to experience expert videography.

Premium Video Experience from OPPO: Any light can be a highlight with AI Highlight video

The OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G will be backed by the AI Highlight Video. The AI Highlight Video feature is backed by an industry first superior tech innovation, the Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System, which deeply integrates strong hardware, flexible software, and smart algorithms to significantly enhance the video quality. This industry-leading tech innovation promises to enable exceptional video quality on your device to cater to a plethora of video needs of users. This is the world’s first feature that uses AI algorithms to detect light conditions. Whether it is to make short videos, cinematic videos, or takes random portrait videos under any lighting condition, OPPO has covered everything.

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G

Left: AI Highlight Video Off, Right: AI Highlight Video On

The feature combines the architecture of industry-leading Ultra Night Video Algorithms, and Live HDR Algorithms to both front and rear cameras making video creation extremely simple so that users only need to press a single button within the camera to capture clear, bright, and natural-looking videos. Together, both the algorithms help make infinite clear videos with better exposure, clarity, brightness, and natural colors under multitude of lighting conditions. Now go ahead and shoot those awesome videos as any light can be a highlight with AI Highlight video.

Industry-first Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System technology

Drawing on its years of experience in smartphone imaging technology, OPPO believes the best way to solve consumers video need is through the perfect integration of imaging hardware and software. Based on this approach the all new Full Dimension Fusion Portrait Video System works by combining imaging hardware in tandem with flexible intelligent software. This is an industry first technology that will be seen in the OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G and has already got 700+ patents globally.

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G

Supported by the Quality Enhancement Engine and the Portrait Perception Engine, the FDF System helps users take clear, high-quality videos in practically any light condition. The Quality Enhancement Engine helps the users to take clear, high-quality videos in any light condition or moving scenario. On the other hand, Portrait Perception Engine accurately defines portrait subjects and the background clearly, making it more natural. Together with OPPO’s extensive expertise in portrait scene detection and portrait feature design you get world-class portrait video experience on the new OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G.

This is great for consumers – whether casual users or professionals – who will have the luxury to take high quality videos from any part of the world. So, what if you’re sitting at home, as long as you have the Reno5 Pro 5G with you, creating video content will be a piece of cake. Better exposure, brightness, less noise, and natural colours will no longer be a thing of the past, giving users the opportunity to live infinite possibilities with their smart device.

In addition to its AI Highlight Video feature, Reno5 Pro 5G will be the first device in India that will be backed by the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset, uniquely providing pathbreaking 5G services, along with a consistent user experience through extreme speed and service quality. Additionally Reno5 Pro 5G will also be the first 5G enabled phone from MediaTek. The chipset will offer an unrivalled combination of 5G connectivity, multimedia and videography, making the latest Reno device a true all-rounder smartphone that you would love to own.

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G

A future of infinite possibilities

In the current environment, video capabilities of a smartphone have become extremely crucial. Along with this, users also seek to benefit from the overall experience that a premium 5G device offers, whether it be through smooth everyday performance, AI-enabled cameras, or enhanced performance. OPPO knows this well, and has always delivered on these ever changing and evolving consumer expectations with industry-leading innovations. With technologies like AI Highlight Video, the new Reno5 Pro 5G will not only provide users with infinite possibilities of creating unique memories every day, but also offer extremely valuable tech advancements to make them ready to tackle the future with ease. So go ahead a #LiveTheInfinite. Stay tuned for the launch on 18th January 2021.

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