OPPO Enco X Review – excellent value proposition for ANC fanatics

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OPPO has come a long way from the first generation TWS introduced early last year. Within a span of just a year, the company has introduced a range of earbuds including Enco Free, W31, W51, and W11. OPPO Enco X is their fifth TWS in India, which was already released in some regions. I got a chance to spend more than a week with the Enco X as my daily driver. Fortunately, I was travelling during the week I was supposed to use the earbuds, which allowed me to test the ANC capabilities and other features in outdoor. Let’s dive into details. 

OPPO Enco X- Design And Comfort

The OPPO Enco X are small and light, each earbud weighs just 4.8 grams. They come in two colours in India, Black and White, I received the latter, which looks fantastic and premium. The metal finish on the edges circles around the charging case. You will also notice a metal finish on the charging tips of the buds. Both buds and charging case comes with glossy finish, which doesn’t necessarily makes it a fingerprint magnet, but I have noticed they get easily scratched. Especially with the colour choice offered, wear and tear could be visible on both models. I know it does on the white model at least. 

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Speaking about the design of the earbuds, OPPO has gone ahead with a “dangling stem” design on their Enco X, unlike previous models. Specifically compared to the Enco Free, the new Enco X sports a completely different design. While speaking about the internal design, that’s where we probably have to thanks DYN Audio. The OPPO audio partner has designed a relatively complex coaxial dual-driver system. We talk about that in detail in the next section. 

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Now moving on to the part where you learn if they are good fit or not. OPPO have designed Enco X to be a snug fit, and a rather easy on your ears. They are said to be comfortable wear for long durations. But unfortunately, my experience has not been the same. These earbuds tend to fall from my ears, especially the left bud. No matter which ear tips I tried, small, medium, and large. They just don’t stick around for more than 5-10 minutes. I have to keep adjusting them and that’s quite annoying at times. Some times, I accidentally end up initiating touch controls like end calls/change song, etc. 

On the other hand, I can lie down directly on them without hurting my ears. Most of the earbuds out there are uncomfortable to wear when you are lying down. I’m happy to report, that’s not the case here. Overall, they are designed incredibly and offer a snug fit. And throw in IP54 rating, they are thoughtfully designed. 

OPPO Enco X – Specs, Gesture Controls, Battery Life

The Enco X comes with a 11mm triple-layer dynamic audio drivers, and on top of that is the 6mm balanced membrane driver, handling the higher frequencies, while the rest of it is carried by a primary driver. On the inside, DYN Audio is given free rein, which is wise on the OPPO’s part. DYN Audio have impeccable track record in creating Hi-Fi Circles. Speaking further on the specs part, earbuds is supported by Bluetooth 5.2. It has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Notably, there are various audio codec support, which in turns pushes for better audio experience. The codec support list includes LHDC, SBC, and AAC.  

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Touch gesture controls on the all-new Enco X are probably my best experience so far on any TWS earbuds. They just absolutely work for me, every time, all the time! I have been using the Enco X with Reno5 Pro, iPhone XR, and MacBook Air. The sound quality have been more or less similar when streamed through different devices mentioned above. But unfortunately you don’t get to change the gesture controls on iOS or Mac, whereas for Android you gotta download the app called Hey Melody. But if you are playing through an OPPO smartphone, then, you can easily customise the gesture controls. 

OPPO offers five types of gestures including double tap, triple tap, hold, long hold, and swipe up/down. But unfortunately, it doesn’t leave much for customisation. For example, the triple tap only allows you to enable Google Assistant and for regular hold you can only switch ANC mode. This feels like an oversight on OPPO’s end, I’d like to use triple tap to skip songs, but I don’t have that option. It’s not a deal breaker, but it certainly limit the gesture controls to default. This could easily be rectified via an OTA update. I hope, OPPO is listening to the user feedback. While OPPO limits the customisation of gesture controls, the gestures itself works really well. 

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The battery life of these Enco X earbuds are as advertised, I have no complaints regarding the same. You’ll get up to 4 hours of playback time on a single charge with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) ON. This is extended up to 20 hours with charging case. With ANC Off, I have been getting 30-45 minutes of extra playback time on a single charge. Some might call this an average battery life, but I believe this is more than what most of us are asking. For times when you find the battery case is running out of charge, just use any type-C cable and plug it in for charging. They offer wireless charging support. I’m someone who’d like to use wireless charging for accessories like these. I’ve fully utilised this feature of the Enco X.   

OPPO Enco X – Audio Quality And ANC

Sound quality is the most important aspect of any set of earbuds or any audio-related product for that matter. For me, the OPPO Enco X excels in this aspect as I have been noticing the balanced frequencies. Be it bass, or treble, they both have been satisfying on these earbuds. Bass remains strong and clear without being overbearing, same goes for the treble. Do make a note that these earbuds will not beat any fancy headphones experience, but are surely going to be sufficient for your streaming/call usage over smartphones or laptops. Keep them paired with two devices, and switch between by long press on either earphone’s stem. Notably, this has to be enabled in Settings. 

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Speaking about the elephant in the room, ANC (Active Noise Cancelation), I was greatly impressed by this feature. I have used Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live, and for the comparison, I found the Enco X equally good when it comes to noise cancelling. Recently, I went on a flight, sitting in the middle of the plane where wings are closer and there’s a heavy engine noise. I compared ANC on Buds Live and Enco X, and they both were able to cancel out the engine noise and cabin announcement. Even the low hums of the vehicles were easily blocked out by the Enco X. It’s a pure bliss to have ANC especially when you are travelling and need some quiet time all by yourself.   

You’re welcome to check out my Spotify playlist that I have been listening to test out the OPPO Enco X. This TWS from OPPO has impressed me a lot, even better than the Enco Free in so many ways. For people concerned about the Codec supports like AAC and LHDC, I’m happy to report that there’s no discernible difference between the two, unless you are a hardcore audiophile. All in all, it’s an excellent pair of earbuds as far as audio quality and ANC support is concerned. 

OPPO Enco X – Connectivity And Call Quality 

The Enco X comes with Bluetooth 5.2 version support and that makes it the only few select products in the Indian market to sport such feature. I can’t recall a moment when I faced a significant connectivity issue. Although, I do had some pairing issues while connecting with my MacBook Air, but that seems to be solved when I tried pairing it again. 

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Now speaking about another concern that most of you guys have while purchasing a TWS earbuds. After spending more than a week using them along with my primary device. I’m glad to give you an assessment that the call quality on these earbuds are magnificent. With dual-mics support on each bud, you don’t have to worry about whether the person on the other end of the call is able to hear you or not. Even if I was wearing the single bud, the other party was able to hear me loud and clear. OPPO has excelled at call quality over the time since introducing their first TWS earbuds. 

Should You Buy The OPPO Enco X?

If you are in the market for purchasing a pair of TWS earbuds with top notch audio performance, fantastic ANC support, and stable connectivity, the OPPO Enco X is a no brainer. Of course, you shouldn’t have a problem spending Rs 9,990. Just in case if you don’t have the budget, you might want to check out the realme Buds Air Pro. They also come with ANC support plus/minus some features when compared with Enco X. Also, if you are an iPhone user, you might want to stir clear of these earbuds since they don’t offer customisable of the controls since there’s no dedicated app. 

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This concludes our detailed analysis of the all-new OPPO Enco X. Tell us what do you think of these new earbuds? In case you have any query, please write them down in the comment section below. We would be happy to answer them one by one. 

Rating: 8.5/10


  • ANC works incredibly 
  • Brilliant connectivity 
  • Excellent sound 


  • Limited gesture controls
  • No fast charging 

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