Behold and Admire: OPPO’s fascinating journey to reach pinnacle of cutting-edge innovations


OPPO’s ‘Make in India’ push now has a global audience, thanks to NatGeo’s brilliant documentary on the brand’s manufacturing prowess. The film which was first screened on National Geographic India on 27th February and is currently streaming on OTT platform Hotstar.

For all those who have been following the rise and rise of the global smart device manufacturer, this amazing feat shouldn’t come as a surprise. Afterall, India has always been one of OPPO’s focus markets, where it has been constantly delivering new products that take into consideration the ever-changing needs of this country’s varied consumers. Not just that, OPPO has also been expanding its R&D footprint in the country at a pace that no other brand has been able to achieve.

NatGeo India’s SUPERFACTORIES show captures everything that goes behind the success of the company in India. By taking viewers behind-the-scenes at OPPO’s sprawling state-of-the-art factory, it gives viewers a unique insight into the manufacturing process adopted by the smartphone manufacturer to produce millions of pioneering devices every month. And it will tell you how OPPO has managed to become one of the largest and most modern mega smartphone factories in the world.

It’s a detailed journey through the nuances behind the operations of the facility, and the people who helm it. This happens through important conversations with operational managers, R&D teams, and engineers, discussing the importance of the work they do, and the way in which OPPO ensures that everything is done to perfection. This perhaps best explains how the company at its Greater Noida hub manages to produce more than 6 million units every month during peak season – roughly translating to one smartphone every 3 seconds.


The film also delves into the technological innovations that have made features like AI Color Portrait Mode and Ultra Night Mode possible for Indian consumers. With ongoing efforts towards R&D the brand will undoubtedly continue to delight its customers with power packed and innovative features. It’s brand philosophy of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” has found true manifestation in Indian market where it has always anticipated and satiated needs of ever evolving dynamic customers.

The film also showcases OPPO’s commitment towards its employees. Through extensive interactions with staff members, the film enumerates that while on one hand the company is striving for better products to satisfy the dynamic needs of its customers, on the other it is inspiring its employees to consistently upskill themselves while contributing to the technology revolution in smartphone market. No wonder then, that the company has emerged as the benchmark of performance and become indispensable to smartphone manufacturing ecosystem

As the Indian market grows, the need to drive innovation at a breakneck pace will also increase. But OPPO is already prepared for the future. Its successful India story will leave you in awe of the brand’s manufacturing strength. With a razor-sharp focus on R&D, it is set to go beyond boundaries and create an unparalleled benchmark for smartphone manufacturers.

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