OnePlus celebrates fourth anniversary with discounts and giveaways

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OnePlus gets another year older and it is all ready to celebrate its birthday on December 14 it is providing exciting offers and giveaways. Four years ago OnePlus had released its first phone the OnePlus one and now it recently launched the 5T edition. Ever since its first smartphone, it has been catching eyes and has received mixed responses from the users. 

The company has acknowledged its winnings and shortcomings as well, the co-founder (Carl Pei) said today, “what happened when a couple of friends refused to let go of their dreams”. All he meant by this statement was that some dreams lead to amazing wins like the OnePlus one which sold more than a million units. The other dreams lead to the misconceived promotions like Ladies first and Smash the past. 

OnePlus 5T

As the saying goes, it was a bad day, not a bad life. OnePlus did not lose hope and came up with OnePlus 3, 3T and OnePlus 5 and 5T editions. It may also interest you to know that OnePlus 3T won the phone of the year award in 2016. 

Now to commemorate its success for the last four years it is giving discounts which are already live, go and check them on its official website.

You can click on this website to go to the official page and avail your discounts. 

Crazy discounts are going between 5% to 30% off on accessories, we have information that a holiday gift bundle will also go on sale soon. This bundle will be a limited edition offer and will include the best accessories of the time at a discount of 50%. The sale goes to the floor on December 14 at 9:00 AM. 

There is also a giveaway which will start from December 17 that includes caps, t-shirts, bags, backpacks and much more. The company has also arranged for a prize which they have yet not revealed. The countdown has begun only a few hours left for the sale to take place. 

To celebrate the fans and show how much they mean to the company OnePlus has put up “My story” that shows your communications with the company. If you have ever written something on their forums or bought a smartphone or any other accessories your name will show up there along with your purchase. It is a really cool way of showing that you have been a part of the OnePlus family. 

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