The OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition has a surprise inside the box

OnePlus recently launched the special edition of the OnePlus 6T in partnership with McLaren. The OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition comes with a whopping 10GB of RAM alongside the new Warp Charging. The device features an aesthetic orange finish on the rear with a new orange SystemUI theme as well. The entire setup comes inside a beautiful package with carbon finish texture on top. However, OnePlus seems to have hidden a cool trick in the box.

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OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition unboxing

In case you’ve missed out on our unboxing of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition, go ahead and watch it first. Now, coming on to the surprise. You see, OnePlus seems to have placed a booklet inside the OnePlus 6T’s box. Upon a simple look, there are images of the racers and other people involved with McLaren. There’s also the McLaren MCL33 from which the accent comes from. However, once you scan all this with the OnePlus 6T’s camera, you get what the company has been hiding.

You can check out the link to the video above which starts when we talk about the AR camera. Upon scanning the images, they all pretty much come to life. They turn into videos of McLaren’s early days, the behind the scenes, and much more. There’s also an interview of Pete Lau in the video. And last but not the least, you can scan the image of the McLaren MCL33. The system renders a 3D AR model of the vehicle that you can watch accelerate on your screen.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition is here

While that surprise is pretty amazing, it is worth noting that it is mostly a software gimmick. Obviously, it won’t affect the user experience in any way. However, what will affect the user experience is the 10GB of RAM. Despite being an overkill for an Android system, it is bound to increase the multitasking capability of the device. Well, that’s all about the OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Edition. Apart from the bump in the RAM, the overall review of the device is pretty much the same as our original OnePlus 6T review, so make sure to check that out. Also, leave a comment below on whether you liked the cool AR camera trick that OnePlus used.

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