OnePlus 5T vs Google Pixel 2 XL | Flagship killer vs Flagship?

OnePlus 5T vs Pixel 2 XL

The OnePlus 5T is an amazing device. It improves upon the already incredible OP5, in terms of design. The taller aspect ratio and the face unlock makes it feel like a true 2017 phone. The one which is among the endangered few who still have a headphone jack!

But the market is vast and the offerings that money can buy are uncountable. But OnePlus has always stood for creating a phone at a lower price, with the potential to kill flagships. Flagships like the Pixel 2 XL.

Since OnePlus have caught up with their display game, I think it’s time for a little brawl. Flagship vs the flagship killer, Pixel 2 XL vs the OnePlus 5T. Let’s get it on!

Design: Let’s keep the aesthetics discussion as general as possible without getting into personal preferences, where in my case, the grippier Pixel 2 XL would win. But the OnePlus 5T isn’t at all ugly.

Both phones are amazingly well built. When it comes to handling it on the daily, like I said, the Pixel is slightly more grippy thanks to its painted back. The OnePlus 5T and its metal back are kinda slippery.

Pixel 2 XL design

But the 5T has better buttons than the Pixel. Though small, buttons are a really important part of a smartphone. It’s basically how we power them on or off! The buttons on the 5T are solid metal, better than the plastic power switch of the Pixel, both in terms of longevity and usage.

So for a general consumer, it will be a win either way. You will be getting a very premium device. But as well all know, the 5T has note quality to offer for your money, so I declare it to be the better phone in design, though only by a hair of advantage.

Design Winner: OnePlus 5T

Xiaomi officially became the leading vendor in India! WOAH.

Displays: Both phones are rocking OLED panels with slight changes. The 5T has a very bright but “only” 1080p AMOLED display whereas the Pixel 2 XL has an equally Vivid but higher resolution QHD P-OLED display.

Though it seems like an easy win for the Pixel, it’s much more difficult to choose a winner in real life! You see, OnePlus have dinner a fantastic job with their display technology, matching the Pixel is pretty much every way.

Only while using these phones in VR headsets do we start to notice the lack of clarity on it! But that is literally “Pixel peeping”, and I’m sure not many of us do that.

OnePlus 5T

Even if you do, you will have an absolutely delightful experience with the 5T on VR as well. It’s just that, it’s not as sharp as the Pixel 2 XL. And besides, OnePlus 5T is void of any kind of distortions or graininess issues on the display that the Pixel 2 XL suffers from.

But as long as you don’t tilt your phone in unnatural angles and you have a proper panel on your Pixel, it does seem slightly better than the 5T in direct comparison. So yeah, the Pixel gets the edge here.

Display Winner: Pixel 2 XL

Performance: Man, if this isn’t a difficult area! The Pixel has been known for its sheer fluidity and buttery smooth user interface. But I have been a fan of OnePlus horsepower since the days of the OP3, and for the right reasons!

If you haven’t used a OnePlus device before, grab one from a friend and try it out for yourself. It’s an absolute screamer, isn’t it? Flagship killer level performance for sure. So there are two ways to handle this aspect then. Performance can be judged by the phone’s smoothness+speed.

OnePlus 5T on sale

In smoothness, it’s a tie match if you ask me. Both phones feel equally slick to use. But even though they’re powered by the same chipset, the 5T feels faster for some reason. I think it has to do with OxygenOS and its faster animations. But it gives the performance edge to the OnePlus 5T.

Performance Winner: Mr. Flagship killer!

Cameras: Okay, I can already read your mind. And you are right. The Pixel 2 XL clearly beats the OnePlus 5T in this department. Many phones have fallen prey to the undisputed king of HDR photography, and the 5T joins the victim’s list.

Pixel 2 Xl camera

Despite having great cameras, it just can’t match the sheer algorithmic prowess of the Pixel’s computational photography. There, I said it okay? I’m not a OnePlus fanboy.

Camera Winner: Pixel 2 XL, obviously!

Rebooting issue of Pixel 2 has been solved! Read the report here.

Batteries: The Pixel 2 XL has a larger battery than the 5T, but surprisingly, it isn’t all that much better than the 5T. Though it has about 200 mAh lesser, the 5T can easily reach run-times that almost match the 2 XL. I think the higher resolution display has taken its toll on the battery life. But as weird as it sounds, I can pick a winner here.


The battery bench results have been mixed. Sometimes equivalent, other times slight edge to the Pixel. But more often than not, I think both phones perform equally well in getting you through a full day of heavy usage. So it’s a draw here.

Battery Champ: you’ll get similar run-times with either one. (tie)

Final verdict: Right then, let’s wrap this up. Which one is the better device here overall? I think the answer is clear, it’s our favorite flagship killer!

Seriously, the only reason why you might choose to buy the Pixel is for that brilliant camera, and maybe the slightly sharper display. But trust me when I say this, the OnePlus 5T is a fantastic device!

It is capable of punching well above its price and you know it! So unless you are hell-bent on having the absolute best camera above all, get yourself the 5T and save your money. You can get a lot for that $200 you saved, in today’s awesomely affordable gadget market, think about it.

What do you think about my opinion on these two excellent phones? Do you agree/ disagree with any of my statements? Drop me a comment down below or hit me up on my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Let’s talk more about this. Cheers!

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