OnePlus 5T has been leaked again as OnePlus 5 goes out of stock!


OnePlus 5T is a hot new topic in the smartphone world right now. We have been hearing a ton of rumors from various sources about the supposedly upcoming device since early October.

Even though there is no official confirmation from OnePlus’ part, the fact that OnePlus 5 is no longer in stock in all major markets (even in China), except India indicates the arrival of a ‘T” variant in the near future. Because this was the same case when they launched the OnePlus 3T back in November 2016 – They cleared the stocks of existing OnePlus 3 in all markets except in India.

Up until now, the leaked renders of OnePlus 5T showcased an Oppo device and claimed that the OnePlus 5T would share design elements with the upcoming Oppo F5. If you didn’t know, Oppo is OnePlus’ sister company and the OnePlus 5 and Oppo R11 share the same design (not the internals).

You can read more about the Oppo F5 here.

OnePlus 5T leaks and rendersBut the new set of renders posted by a Weibo user (reported by GizmoChina) shows that OnePlus 5T might look similar to the OnePlus 5 but with an 18:9 display. Also, comparing it with the leaked images of Oppo F5, not a lot of similarities can be spotted.
OnePlus 5T leaks and renders

Taking a look at the image, the back panel looks exactly similar to that of the OnePlus 5, but a little taller due to the new 18:9 aspect ratio. A square shaped fingerprint scanner is present at above the OnePlus logo. Antenna lines and the dual-camera module retains their current position as on the OnePlus 5. The power button is present on the right side and the volume rockers along with alert slider reside on the left side of the device.

The front portion reveals a tall display (probably 6-inches) with minimal top and bottom bezels, earpiece, and a front-facing camera; contradicting the previous render which featured a dual camera setup on the front. The images further indicate that OnePlus may finally rely completely on “on-screen” buttons for navigation.

Coming to specification part of things, OnePlus 5T will feature a Snapdragon 835 SoC as it is still the best available from Qualcomm and they haven’t announced a successor to it, RAM and storage also might stay the same as that of OnePlus 5. OnePlus is still on top of the spec game for that matter.

Latest rumors also suggest that OnePlus 5T will retain the same 20+16MP dual camera setup on the rear and the 16MP snapper on the front, plus there is a chance for OnePlus to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. Rumoured pricing is around CNY 3,000. 

Disclaimer: Still there is no official confirmation from OnePlus about the OnePlus 5T, so take the information with a grain of salt. 

Should OnePlus come up with the OnePlus 5T?

If the above-mentioned leaks turn out to be true, then “NO”. OnePlus 5T, as of now seems like an unnecessary launch from OnePlus’ part. OnePlus 5 still is one of the best smartphones, not just in its segment, but in the entire smartphone spectrum.

It offers immense value for the money without compromising on features or functionality. Yes, it still doesn’t have a premium glass build, crazy thin bezels, wireless charging, water resistance, etc, but the fact that it is offered for literally less than half the price of most flagship smartphones from other manufacturers covers it all. 

18:9 is the whole new trend, but upgrading an already better phone just for an 18:9 display is not worth it. In my opinion, concentrating more on OnePlus 6 rather than bringing the OnePlus 5T with minimal upgrades would be a nice move from OnePlus’ part.

With that said, if OnePlus is planning something big with the OnePlus 5T, then my answer would be Yes”. If they bring out some real improvements with a minimal price increase, it would be a great option for those who are still in the planning phase to purchase a OnePlus 5.

What are your opinions about the OnePlus 5T? Are you a OnePlus 5 owner? How is your device holding up? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to Mr.Phone for more information.

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