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A few days ago Twitter had increased the character count to make people write what they feel like. Now it has come up with a way through which you can easily create threads. Some of you must be wondering what is a Twitter thread? well, it is a series of tweets sent as a reply to one another. This helps in linking all the tweets of a particular topic and you can read them all together. If you click on one single thread all the previous tweets will be visible to you. 

All you have to do is, while you are writing a tweet tap which is on the right-hand corner of the composer and link another tweet to it and so on. After you are done you can press hit Tweet all and the entire thread will be posted without any delay. If in case you wish to add another thread after some time you can tap the new “add another tweet button” and increase your threads. 

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Do you know about Twitter Lite? Click on this link to know in detail. 

Now you can easily spot a Twitter thread, it will have a tittle as “show this thread”. you click on it and the entire thread will open. This feature will soon be rolling out to Android, iOS, and the web in a few days.

We do wish the company does something about the hate speech and targetting people for sexual harassment that is rampant on the social media website. We would love to hear your opinions on these topics practised on Twitter, don’t you feel it is crossing certain boundaries?

You can now save your post on Twitter for later, read all about it. 

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