Noveto Soundbeamer 1.0 plants music in your head — no headphones required

Noveto Soundbeamer

Noveto Soundbeamer 1.0 carries a tech called Soundbeaming, which is a patented technology developed by Noveto, an Israel-headquartered company. Noveto, founded in 2011, makes patents in a mission to free the world from using headphones or other audio peripherals like speakers. The company’s new tech is this Soundbeaming technology that lets you listen to music without any need of headphones or speakers.

Noveto is confident and suggests users imagine a world — where sound could be private and spatial at the same time. And, where you don’t have to use headphones and listen to audio privately without disturbing people around you — but still feel the sound is travelling with you. These are all the possibilities you get with the new Soundbeaming tech — let us dig in further.

Noveto Soundbeamer — The tech behind it

The device is using Soundbeaming, the tech which puts the audio you want to listen to — right at your ears in the form ultrasonic waves. It further creates a 3D sensory experience. Meaning, your audio is private while you are hands-free without any audio peripherals attached around you, like speakers or headphones, for instance.

This technology combines beamforming and ultrasonic waves to place sound right at the ears. The waves created are tweaked by the company’s propriety DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms. These waves are further pushed into the air through a custom-designed transducer array, which further converts waves into audio, pointing at the person’s ears. The device here looks like a regular portable speaker, but users won’t be able to hear anything from it.

To put it layman’s terms, imagine you’re in a room or an office with multiple people around. But, you still want to hear music or listen to a podcast or attend a conference, for that matter. All this without utilising any audio peripherals like headphones or speakers yet the audio needs to be private and only audible to you — this Soundbeamer does it for you.

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The device achieves it by creating a 3D sensing module of your ear right into its hardware. It can track your ears, wherever in the room — all in real-time. Once your 3D ear modules are followed and set — the device then converts the ultrasonic waves with Noveto-developed algorithms — into small pockets of sound, which float around each ear, giving the user this unique audio listening experience. This sound is in the form of acoustic waves right beside your ears. This avoids the disturbance for others in the same room.

The company further suggests users can move around freely anywhere in the room or can tilt their heads anyway — yet these sound pockets follow the ears, magically — thanks to the 3D sensory modules.

Noveto Soundbeamer — Benefits and Usage Scenarios

It is to admit this is undoubtedly a unique audio experience that a person can think or dreamt of. The company also implies the benefits of the new audio experiencing device. Firstly, the audio you hear is private to you, and it doesn’t disturb others, which is good.

The company believes there are several usage scenarios with this new device. That includes — watching a TV in the night, experiencing more immersive gameplay free from headphones or disturbing others, attending a conference including a video call, for that matter and more.

Also, the company is planning to market this technology to third party products as well. For instance, in a Uber, the driver can listen to navigation alerts privately. This eliminates the need for using headphones or disturbing passengers in the car. The new tech can be shared to the TV OEM makers to integrate into the TVs for the future. The company also suggests this tech can be utilised in fitness instruments, like a treadmill, for instance.

Noveto Soundbeamer — Connectivity and Availability

The Soundbeamer 1.0 connects via Bluetooth like a traditional speaker. It can connect to a tablet, PC or a TV. If you’re excited about witnessing this unique product, you will have to wait another year. Yes, it is slated to launch in December 2021.

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