Night Sight officially available for Google Pixel 3

When it comes to smartphone photography, Google Pixel 3 is undoubtedly at the top. Featuring a single 12MP lens backed by Google’s advanced image processing, the Pixel 3 manages to capture great images quite easily. However, at the launch event, Google did show off another upcoming feature. Yes, I’m talking about Night Sight. And now, after months of waiting, Google has finally officially made Night Sight available for the Pixel 3 and the 3 XL.

What is Google Night Sight?

For those of you unaware, Night Sight is Google’s way of allowing you to take images in low light without the need of flash. The device makes use of Google’s magic to automatically fill-in the color along while adjusting the color levels as well. 

While the mode works well for almost everything in dark, Google does give out certain tips for the Night Sight. According to Google, Night Sight works best when capturing low-light group selfies, a city skyline, events taking place in the dark, food pics in dim-light restaurants, and more.

Night Sight available for Google Pixel 3

Google has now officially rolled out Night Sight for Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL users. Users should see Night Sight as a separate mode in the “more” section of the camera menu. Thereafter, you’ll get a proactive suggestion to use it in the main viewfinder when it detects the scene is dark enough. 

The update for the Google Camera app should start rolling out to users now. That being said, if you don’t own a Pixel 3 device but want to try out Night Sight, don’t be disheartened just yet. You can download the modded Google Camera app from here to your device to try out the feature.

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