Do you know about the new Santa Snap game by Google’s Santa Tracker?

Santa Tracker by Google

Google has a Santa Tracker app and while many of you would be shocked to know this, this app lets you track the movement of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and even tells you about the number of gifts that he has delivered! Sounds crazy, right? The app is very popular since it also gives you updates about the fun Christmas facts in other places.

Not only this, the app has multiple mini-games and other features to keep you entertained and while Google has already introduced some updates for the 2017 holiday season, there’s more! Generally, the Santa Tracker rolls out new activities every day for players who reach Santa’s village. All this fun and amusement goes on until the big Christmas Eve night when the app tracks the movement of our beloved character, the Santa Claus!

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Santa Snap, a fun new game is one of the new additions by Google and we have got to call it the best one so far! You are allotted an Elf while playing and this cute little creature flies all over the Google Maps to let you click enthralling selfies at tourist attractions and popular places. As if taking selfies wasn’t enough, Google has given us a whole new reason to be obsessed with pictures.

The game has amazing details like your phone accelerometer adjusting your camera angle for better pictures and many more! The catch, however, lies in the fact that this Santa Snap game is only available for Android and Apple users will still have to wait for sometime to reap its benefits (next year maybe?).

A mini app in Santa Tracker

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While we are at it, the search engine giant, in its blog mentions something about the biggest virtual snowball fight the world has seen so far! We don’t know anything more than this and it will be amazing to see such a virtual competition in reality. The digitized world of today lets us celebrate things in a unique way and if anything, we’d like to appreciate Google for its efforts to keep people tied to their traditions.

Santa Tracker app

Google Assistant has also been synchronized with the Santa Tracker App and if you were to ask it about Santa’s whereabouts, it will directly take you to this app! The app comes for free and if you still haven’t downloaded it, go now and get it for yourself!

Find the Santa Tracker app on Play Store from here!

Do you love this app too? Does it make you nostalgic about simpler times with its games? Let us know in the comments section below!

And yes, Jingle bells are on their way to you if you’re willing to find them 🙂

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