The new Pixel 2 live wallpaper now on any Android phone

Google Pixel 2

The phones have created a buzz in the market with its new live wallpapers. They are exclusively for Pixel 2. But if we have learnt anything it is that interesting new apps can be developed anytime from the Android developer community. 

Google Pixel 2

The new Pixel 2 launcher thankfully works on other phones without modification, although if you want the swipe-for-Google-Feed functionality on phones other than the first generation Pixels and Nexus devices, you’ll need to install it as a system app. The new Pixel 2 live wallpapers are slightly different, and they have so far crashed for anyone who tried to sideload the app. 

There are other options available too like aerial views with subtle movements, bright abstract shapes that move with your phone, gooey liquids that change with each touch, and stunning live space images. A wallpaper also displays live wind patterns based on one’s location which looks very pretty. 

Go now and install the APK if you want to give them a try. To access these wallpapers follow these steps:-

  • Long press your home screen
  • Tap “wallpapers” and then scroll downwards
  • You will see a “Live wallpapers” section

They can even work on phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher. Have you tried the live wallpapers yet? 


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