Must Have Samsung Apps for your Galaxy

Must have Samsung apps

    Samsung makes a plethora of smartphones each year, and many people buy them. For this reason, they also make a ton of official, Samsung branded applications for their smartphones. This is an attempt to get the users to make the most out of their Galaxy devices. Let’s check out some of those apps!

    Sound Assistant

Must have Galaxy apps - Sound Assistant

    This is a very simple application that aims to make your audio game much easier. The base of the whole app is a small round button that pops up for a few seconds when you change the volume. You can customize it and alter it functions slightly, but it all makes sense.

    In the settings menu, you can change the duration that the floating button stays visible for, as well as adding scenarios. Scenarios are a nice addition, through which you can alter audio settings to set automatically. Depending on the time and day of the week, settings can be changed automatically

    Once you press the button, you are greeted with a pop-up menu. Through this, you can change the volume output of each of the running apps. This can be very good when you are trying to play a game with headphones on, and you want to hear the game and your own music. You will find the times you need this feature.

    Even If you do not use this, there is still more. If you are an audiophile, you will love this. There is a small button that when pressed, opens the Sound Effects menu of the settings as a Multi-Window affair. This can be very useful if you are trying to alter the music and quality while you are playing music from an app like YouTube. The menu will not hinder the user experience, and will not stop any applications that are running.

    The application is available for download on the Google Play Store and Sammobile for compatible devices. The app is free, but unfortunately, your Galaxy must have Android 7.0 or newer for this application to work.

    Write on PDF

Must have Galaxy apps - Write on PDF

    The purpose of this app is immediately obvious by the name. It allows you to type or draw on any PDF file. Once you open the app, you see the PDF files downloaded on your phone. You can change the directory you are browsing via a small drop-down menu. My Device shows the local files on your phone and on your SD card. You can also browse files on your Google Drive if you wish.

    Once you have selected a file, it opens like a normal PDF, and you have your Pen options menu up top. You can change the color, type, thickness, and shape of the pen there. Also up top is the settings for the eraser. It is very simple, you can change the size of the eraser, and the mode in which it erases.

    Through this app, you can also add text to a PDF file. The level of customization that could be done to the text is nothing special, but it is very good considering it is on a phone. You can change the font, size, color, alignment, embolden, underline, italicize and create a bullet list. This opens doors for more productivity on the go and can be very useful. 

    You can also open the app when reading a PDF file on the internet. Simply press the menu button, and select open with. Write on PDF should be there, and you can use it to write on any file. I understand that this might not be useful for everyone, but for students and businessmen, it is a must-have.

    The app is available for download from the Google Play Store and Sammobile for free on compatible devices. In order to run this app, you need to have Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer.

    Optical Reader

Must have Galaxy apps - Samsung OCR

    The Optical Reader is a good app to keep on your phone for when you need it. What it does is the same function as an OCR (Optical Character Reader) which is usually built into scanners. It can convert text from an image to editable text.

    Using the camera of your device, or photos already stored on the phone, it can detect text and convert it. The really good thing here is the vast number of languages available. Other apps of similar functions max out at 10 languages. This app? 46 languages. I really have to thank Samsung for that.

    The UI is very simple, and it follows that of the Samsung Camera App. A swipe to the right gives you the modes. Here you will find that it can also scan QR codes. Pointing your camera at a QR code gets the phone to scan it, and automatically send you to linked website

    The rest of the UI is also very minimalist. You can turn on or off the flash, or select photos from the phone from the main screen. When you press the settings button, you can see the only setting that you can change, which is the languages to be detected. The app works really well and is updated frequently.

    You can download the app from Sammobile for free for compatible devices. To get the latest version, you must have Android Nougat 7.0 or newer. If you do not have Android 7.0, older versions are available for download.


Must have Galaxy Apps - Snapbizcard

    The idea of a business card scanning app has been around for a while now, and it is nothing new. However, Samsung integrated it really well with their phones. You can scan a business card with the camera or use a photo on your phone, and it will transform it into a contact.

    The UI is also very simple here. Once you open the app, you will see the business cards you already saved, with the ability to search. On the bottom right corner, there is a + button, through which you can add new business cards.

    In the UI, which is also very similar to the Samsung Camera UI, you can turn the flashlight on or off, or you can select an image from the gallery to use. In the settings menu, you have a choice of 28 languages to use, and whether you want the app to automatically capture the image and save the data.

    Also in the UI, you have a choice of whether you want to take one card or 2 cards in one image. Once a card is placed within the HUD borders, you can take the photo. The photo taken is then analyzed, and a contact is created.

    I personally was surprised by how much information it can get out of a card. I thought it would be able to take only the name and phone number and that’s it. However, it can also take Fax numbers, Emails, and Addresses, along with plenty of numbers. Accuracy is fairly high, with only an occasional redundancy.

    The app works great for what it is, and is right up there with other 3rd party apps that offer the same functionality. The reason I use this one rather than other apps it to maintain consistency. I will explain what I mean by that in the end, so keep reading.

    The app is only available on Sammobile for free on compatible devices. The latest version is for Android 7.0 Nougat or newer, but older versions are available for download.

    TouchWiz Home

Must have Galaxy apps - Touchwiz home

    You might have already heard of this name. This is because it is your home screen launcher. Unless your phone came with Experience UX out of the box, the launcher of your phone is probably outdated. It is important to keep your launcher up to date, especially for newer versions.

    Updating your launcher to it’s latest version not only brings new features but also fixes problems and bugs with the older versions. All Samsung phones that were launched prior to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are likely to have an outdated version of the TouchWiz launcher.

    Getting it is very easy, with the downloadable link from Sammobile. You can quickly get the same experience as Samsung’s latest phones. You will have to be on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher though. Otherwise, you can get the latest version of the launcher compatible with the Android version you are running on.

    The latest version of TouchWiz offers loads of new features, such as swiping up or down to access the app drawer and an overall less complicated look. I will leave the rest for you to discover on your own, and there is a lot to find.

    Why should I get these apps?

    There are plenty of alternatives to the previously mentioned applications from many developers. But that is the problem. They are developed by many different developers, meaning there is no consistency.

    What I mean by consistency is the overall UI. All of those applications I mentioned have the same theme icons, and UI similar to that of the rest of the phone. The settings, theme store, phone all have that look and feel to them.

    You might not need any of the apps right now, or even anytime soon. But trust me, you will need them one day. Unless you are very low on storage space, you really have no reason not to get them and just keep them on your phone.


    Out of all the apps available at the Sammobile website, those are the ones I compiled for you. I have those apps on my phone and will keep them updated all the time.

What do you think of those apps? Did you already have any of them? Make sure to tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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