Mr Phone speaks – Should you really pay $1000 for a phone?

Expensive flagship phones

    In late 2017, we started seeing phones that would cost around or over $1000. However, are they really worth it? Let’s see why and why not!

But First, Why?

     Smartphone prices have been undergoing price increases gradually. Suddenly, you are paying almost $1000 for a Samsung flagship, whereas you paid $600 a few years ago for the same model.

    It is true that smartphones are getting better and better each generation, but not all phones are getting more expensive. Over the past few years, we have seen Chinese manufacturers dominate the budget phone market.

    They offer very high spec devices for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a flagship. The only compromise with those phones is brand recognition. I’m not saying we should all go buy these phones, and there are many reasons.

     They do not offer cameras as good, and their software tends to be bloated and heavy. The thing we can make out of these phones is that the hardware does not cost as much, we are paying for the brand.

    The reason they are getting so expensive is that advertising is a core part of selling the phones. The bigger the phone companies get, the more money they spend on advertising and international availability.

How are they selling?

    The matter of fact is that phones, even at such exuberant prices are selling like crazy. It seems like many people are willing to pay such amounts of cash on a phone, and it is not only the rich. Many average people have decided to go for an iPhone X rather than a High-Spec Gaming PC.

    The reason behind these huge sales lies in prestige. Those who seek prestige will do anything to get it, and in their head, and iPhone X is the way to go.

     It is not only the iPhone X, we cannot forget about the Galaxy Note 8. While it is not as expensive as the iPhone, or even at $1000, it is really close. At $939, it makes us sure that the next iteration of the Note will surpass the $1000 price point we all fear.

iPhone X

    Note 8 is really just an S8+ with a dual camera and S-Pen. Would you really pay $900+ for that? I would because I am the kind of person that would actually use the S-Pen a lot, unlike most Note buyers. The S-Pen has great features like no other phone, and I know I can exploit all those features tirelessly.

    It is dragging problems too

    While you might think that just because 2 phones are at around $1000, you are safe. The fact is that it is making other phones more expensive. The greatest example of this the Oneplus 5, which starts at $500, even though the first generation started at $200.

    It makes it seem OK for other companies, even as small as Oneplus, to go closer to that $1000  mark as time goes. This will happen eventually, but it is not all bad.

     On the other side of the smartphone game, we have budget phones. It is simply surprising how good budget phones are getting. If you are willing to go for a Chinese brand, you can get a phone with the performance of the last year flagship for no more than $150.

Should you get one?

    This question has many answers, all of which you choose the answer to. If you imply to all of them, then you probably should go get one. Let us take a deeper look.

Do you need a $1000 phone?

    To answer this question, you might want to check out my guide on picking the phone that suits you best. There, you can answer that question. Do I have a $1000 to spend on a phone? Will I make the most out of a $1000 phone?

    Those are questions that you should ask yourself in the process. If the answer to either is no, then simply consider lowering your budget by a certain amount, and try again. Once you get to a level where the answer to both is yes, proceed in the process.

Here are the best Midrange Phones of 2017

Galaxy Note 8

Why do you need it?

    The answer to this question for most people is simple. They just want a status symbol that shows how much money they have. That is the justification given by most people who buy iPhones. They just want an iPhone for the brand name.

    I am not saying that all iPhone buyers just look for the status symbol. There are some people out there that genuinely love iPhones. It is just that the majority of iPhone buyers get it simply because it is an iPhone, and it has the Apple Logo on it. Those people are what I like to refer to as iSheep.

    I am not dissing out all phones that go for a $1000 or around it. In fact, I fully agree with a phone like the Note 8 because it has some value for money. You get more productivity and more beastly specs. If you love and use the S-Pen, you really can not go wrong with the Note 8.

    However, if you decide that you cannot get a phone for $1000, the last year product would do you great. Even though the Galaxy Note 5 is 2 years old, it is great value for money, and very affordable. 

How Long will it stay with you?

    Another very important thing to note is the frequency at which you switch phones. If you are the kind of person that switches phones every year or more frequently, you really should not pay this much for a phone. Unless you are doing very well for yourself, you would probably be better off with a phone around $500.

    You will need to keep in mind selling your new phone afterward. Again, unless you are doing really well for yourself financially, the depreciation is a big downside. The maximum price drop increases as the phone get more expensive, and you would really be affected by it.

Old phone

    All in all, selling your old phone is not something I recommend, as there are many things you can do with it instead.

Will you take care of it?

    Once you have purchased your new phone, an immediate thing you want to do is to apply a screen protector and get a case. Keeping the protection of your phone in mind is a great thing. However, overdoing it can result in harm rather than good.

You might want to check this article about Screen Protectors!

    Before proceeding to buy a case, consider a skin. If you are feeling confident and brave, maybe even use it with no protection. Of course, you need to keep in mind how frequently you tend to drop your phone.

    A good way to find out whether you are responsible for your phone or not is to look at your old phone. Did you break its screen? How bad is it? How soon did you break it? If you broke it quickly, you might want to get a case.

    Do not forget that there are many other factors that come into play when looking at breaking your old phone. If your old phone is 3 years or older, it is unlikely that it had a material more fragile than metal on the back.

Broken screen

    If your new phone is made of metal, great news. However, the main suspects of the $1000 mark are made up of Glass and Metal Sandwiches. Repairing the displays or the back can be really expensive.

Can you put some of the money to better use?

    When spending $1000 on a phone, you are going to get a lot of judgment. For example, $1000 can get you a very respectable Gaming PC setup. Spending that much on a phone makes no sense to many people, but does it make sense to you?

    What I mean by this is does it make sense for you to spend all that money on a handheld device? Is there anything else that you can use the money for? Maybe you do not need a high-end gaming PC, but is there something else you might want to get instead?

Put money to better use

    $500 is a substantial amount of money, and a lot can be got for such amount. Even if there is nothing in your mind, you can save up. I am in no position to tell you how to manage your money, but you might want to take into consideration some of the mentioned things.

So, What Do You Think?

    So, what do you think? Were you planning on getting one? Did I change your mind? I personally would never consider getting a phone at such price point. Make sure to let us know in the comments below, we would love to know what you think!


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