Is Motorola G5s an innovative product or a gimmick?

Moto G5 vs Moto G5s

Creativity is thinking of something new. Innovation is the implementation of something new. Lenovo-owned smartphone manufacturer Motorola unveiled its two phones – Moto G5s and Moto G5s Plus this August. While the phones were introduced in international markets at the beginning of this month, the Indian users will get the chance to order these phones starting today, i.e. 30th August 2017, exclusively from Amazon.

In a blog post on Motorola’s website dating August 1, 2017, they have highlighted how Motorola is set to bring advanced features and technological advancements from premium to budget smartphones. Let’s unbox the claims Motorola have made in their blog post about innovation comparing the Moto G5s with its predecessors. I won’t be delving much into technical details in this post, so all the techies reading, this link might help you out if you want to learn about the underlying specs.

Creativity is thinking of something new. Innovation is the implementation of something new.

~Paul Sloane


1. Unibody Design

A unibody phone design is one where the body is manufactured or carved out of a single material. And gathering insights from my observations, I would say this is by far the only thing that looks great on this phone.

2. Better Battery

While understanding how a battery is good for the phone is a post for another day. For the context of this information, just understand that a more powerful battery is required to power a larger screen. Given the history, I do not think that adding a 3000 mAh battery to a 5.5-inch screen is a thing that would alter the performance of a battery.


Phone Screen Size Battery
Moto G4 5.5-inch 3000 mAh
Moto G5 5-inch 2800 mAh
Moto G5s 5.2-inch 3000 mAh

3. Camera Quality

While the front camera still captures photos in 5 MP camera, Moto has followed the latest craze of adding a front flash to it. Guess, it’s entering the market to compete with Vivo and Oppo. The rear camera is upgraded to 16 MP which I would say is a marginal accomplishment, based on the current trends.

4. Display

Moto G series was never consistent with their displays. They have alternated between a 5.5-inch screen and a 5-inch screen. This time, they have a chosen the average of the two by going with the 5.2-inch screen. The resolution across all devices is the same i.e. 1920px 1080p, which is similar to what has been for the last three generations. The increase in size, however, has decreased the pixel density from 441 ppi to 424 ppi.


The people who have bought Moto G5 recently would regret this decision, considering they fall under the same price range. In my opinion, Motorola has introduced incremental changes to the Moto G5 in a very short duration, which they are trying to term as innovation.

For a hands on review of Moto G5 plus, do check out this video on our youtube channel.

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