Moto X4 has been launched in India, should you buy it?

Moto X4 Variants

After being unable to impress the customers with any other smartphone than the Moto G5s Plus, Motorola has launched the Moto X4 in New Delhi today. The launch was quite an event and Moto made sure that it focussed completely on increasing the credibility of the device. Want to know more about the Moto X4? Read on for specs and our take on the device!

Moto X4 specs and availability

Moto X4 is a Flipkart exclusive and we have already informed you about it. The phone has been launched all over the world and now it has finally come to India. The most special thing about the Moto X4 is that it has both Google Assistant and Alexa by Amazon to suit your voice-based virtual assistance needs. We can almost say that the phone does try to give you best of both the worlds through these features.

The looks of the phone are quite impressive and you’re definitely going to receive a lot of compliments on it. The glossy metal back of the Moto X4 appears like a glass one but unfortunately (or fortunately), it is not so. The back is pure metal and its unique lustre gives the phone an extraordinary feel. Due to the absence of a glass back, wireless charging is completely out of the question.

The fingerprint sensor is adorned on the front of the device, just like other Motorola phones. You can still find the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone and while other companies are doing away with it, Motorola is not in the mood to let it go.

Moto X4

The device has 3 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM along with Snapdragon 630 octa-core SoC. The screen is a 5.2″ full HD with Gorilla Glass protection. Moto X4 has dual rear cameras with 12 MP + 8 MP camera sensors for the perfect clicks. The front camera is an impressive aspect of the phone with a 16 MP sensor and flash. Are you excited about the wonderful shots, yet? It will cost you 20,999/- and we think that this is a fair deal.

There is also another variant priced at 22,999/- for a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage.

Moto X4 has a 3,000mAh battery which will not disappoint you in terms of performance. The device runs Android 7.1 Nougat and has dual sim slots in India.

There are two colors available – Sterling Blue and Super Black.

Buy the 3 GB, 32 GB variant in Sterling Blue @ 20,999/- here.

Buy the 4 GB, 64 GB variant in Sterling Blue @22,999/- here.

Buy the 3 GB, 32 GB variant in Super Black  @20,999/- here.

Buy the 4 GB, 64 GB variant in Super Black @22,999/- here.

The price of the phone is INR 22,999/- for the 4 GB variant with 64 GB storage and you can find it on this dedicated page on Flipkart.

Moto X4 – to buy or not to buy

Moto X4 looks like a sweet deal with all those features squeezed into such an affordable price. However, the Moto G5S Plus is a device in roughly the same price range and almost similar features. So, should you buy it at all? Let’s discuss in detail!

Moto X4

RAM and Camera

While the G5s Plus has an option for 4 GB RAM, the newly launched Moto X4 charges you too much for the same! It makes no sense to buy ‘almost’ same specs at 22,999/- when you can get it for 15,999/-. Another notable difference between the two phones is the front camera specs. While Moto X4 has a whopping 16 MP sensor, the G5s Plus aims to satisfy at an 8 MP front camera sensor. 

Screen and resolution

The screen in the Moto X4 is 5.2-inch long with Gorilla Glass and the G5s Plus has a slightly bigger (and more tedious to handle) 5.5-inch screen. Along with a smaller screen, the X4 is lighter than the G5s Plus, giving it a slight advantage over the latter. The resolution of the two devices is the same at 1080X1920 pixels but the smaller screen of the Moto X4 will give you a sharper image than the G5s Plus.


The processor on the G5s Plus is Snapdragon 625 SoC which is not much different than Snapdragon 630 present in the Moto X4. However, last year, the Snapdragon 635 was arguably the most battery conserving processor of all time. We can expect the same smooth and battery saving experience on the Moto X4 but we aren’t yet sure with the Snapdragon 630 because if it is not the worst in the market, it is not the best either. 

The two devices can give you excellent performance and while the Snapdragon 630 is an upgrade, it won’t feel much different than the Snapdragon 625 of the Moto G5s Plus.

Moto X4

Is Motorola confused?

Don’t be quick to raise your brows and call us insane. This question carries a lot of importance since Motorola has been shooting arrows in all directions in hope to hit the mark! Moto G series was supposed to remain at the low-end spectrum with Moto G priced at INR 10,000/-. In the past years, Moto has absurdly provided a level-up to this series by introducing phones like G5s Plus which are placed at INR 15,999/- right now.

What is more? The X series was supposed to be the premium flagship of the brand with Moto X costing INR 40,000/- at the time of its launch. Now, the X4 has been released at INR 22,999/- and we can’t distinguish much between the two series!

It seems to us that the lines are blurring in the Motorola realm which brings me to question the launch of the Moto X4. I mean, where is the Moto X3?

The Verdict 

Keeping all these things in mind, we’ll advise you to buy the Moto X4 over G5s Plus if you care more about looks and camera. If selfies and premium looks of the device are your priority then the X4 will be a great deal for you at INR  22,999/-

Moto X4

However, if you’re looking for performance and all-in-all excellence (with a certain compromise in looks), the G5s Plus should be your choice. It offers great value for money and has the option of 4 GB RAM open too! Choose wisely!

Are you going to buy the Moto X4? Does it seem better than the G5s Plus? Let us know in the comments section below!

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