MIUI 12 rollout in India starts in August, starting with Mi 10 and Redmi Note series

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Xiaomi’s MIUI has been liked by some and not liked by some. There are some reasons as to why this is, but we’ll keep the rant for a separate article. There is no denying though that the UI has been one of the most influential in India and is available to a lot of users all over India. Today, Xiaomi introduced the latest iteration of the same, MIUI 12, with a host of new features. What are the new features? Let us discuss in brief.

MIUI 12 Features

The latest iteration of MIUI, the latest update features a complete design refresh, with personal and productivity features. In terms of the design, there are enhanced animations, Gaussian blur (which gives a bokeh like an effect) with variable blurs, there are also rounded corners for the apps to improve the look and feel. There are also better visuals on the UI. In terms of personal features, there is a better weather app with backgrounds based on the weather.

Additionally, there are layered icons as well. In terms of the notification shade, they have been divided into the control center for controlling your device’s settings, with the notification shade meant only for the notifications. Also, in terms of wallpapers, there are super wallpapers that were showcased in the Chinese launch of the same.

There is also support for all-around dark mode. Additionally, Xiaomi is also offering an app drawer, something that many users have been asking for. There is also a magic clone feature for creating another version of yourself. The camera UI has also been redesigned.

Finally coming towards the productive features, there is a universal casting feature, with private casting as well. There is also support for floating windows for ease of use. There is also support for Ultra Battery saver which will provide 5 hours of usage even with 5% of charge left.

MIUI 12 Availability

In terms of rollout, MIUI 12 will be available over various phases and the rollout starts from August 2020 with some select devices. The first set of devices includes the Mi 10, Redmi Note 9/9 Pro, Note 8/8 Pro, and Note 7/7 Pro. The rollout starts this month in a phased manner. What are your thoughts on the latest iteration of MIUI? Are you excited to try it out? Let us know in the comments below.

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